Graduation Announcement Letter Templates

Graduation is an important period in any person’s life. It opens several doors of opportunities for the students to become self-dependent and get settled in life.

You can use this letter template to invite specific recipients for a graduation party that you are holding for someone whom you know and who has passed out with flying colors from the university.

This is how you can express your happiness for a new graduate and also request the invitees to bless him. 

Letter Template: 1

Graduation Announcement Letter

[Name of the Sender]

[Mention the address]

[Mention the city, state and zip code]


[Name of the recipient]

[Street address of the recipient]

[Mention city, state, and zip code]

Dear [Recipient Name],

Hope you all are well. I have good news for you. [Mention the name of the who is graduating] is finally graduating with honors on [Mention the date] from the university [Mention the name of the university from which the person is graduating].He/she scored [Mention the marks what he/she is gained] marks in graduation and also got [Mention the rank what he got in their university among all the students of the university] rank in the university.

We are organizing a surprise party for [Mention the name of the person who is graduating] on [Mention the details about the date and time] at [Mention the details about the place]. Please come and join us in celebrating this happy event. Give your blessing and good wishes to [Mention the name of the person who is graduating] for his/her future.

Thank you.


[Mention your name]

[Your signature]

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