A Complaint Letter to bank for not updating a phone number

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Dear sir/madam,

Subject: Complaint to update my registered mobile number

I have a Savings Bank account with your concerned bank. My account number is (your account number). I had given the mobile number xxxxxxxx when I opened the Savings Bank account here. Now I want to change this mobile number with my present number xxxxxxxx as I don’t use my old mobile number registered here. As I face some difficulties to know my account debit/ credit, I request here you to update my mobile number with my new number in the record.

I have already informed you about this to your customer care and also wrote emails to your bank. Even after all these attempts, there is no proper action taken in this matter. This is very unhappy to see your approach towards the customers. As a manager, you have to monitor such issues personally and help the customers to avail of useful services, which increase your bank’s reputation.

I am also availing of your mobile banking service. I Kindly update my new number in your record. So that I can help with services without any disruption, kindly process my request at urgent basis. I shall be very thankful to you for this kind act. I have enclosed all my banking details for easy reference.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

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