An Appointment Cancellation Letter

This is a letter to cancel my appointment as I am busy for the whole day, and I cannot turn up for the event. Apologizing for the turn-up of the events is also essential for this format.

An Appointment Cancellation Letter

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

Sub:- Cancel appointment

Dear [Name of Applicant]

This is to inform your organization that I want cancellation of appointment for today as I am busy for the whole day and will not make it for your event. I tried my best to manage things, but it is not possible because of an emergency meeting with the head officers. It makes me feel bad that I am not able to keep my words. I promise you that I will surely visit your organization for your next event and I am very much obliged to invite me to your event. 

I hope to your organization members in our further appointments. I am sorry for canceling today’s appointment. I hope you would understand and co-operate with me. I put forward this letter to cancel today’s appointment of mine. I am grateful to your organization for all the support you have provided me throughout the years. I will indeed be waiting for your further appointments for me. I am excited to meet you all. I was hoping that you would understand my situation. I hope all your other appointments are successful. 

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)  

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