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Work Anniversary Letter Samples – 8 Format Samples

While there are 100 employees in a company, each one of them has their  work anniversary every now and then and hence the companies usually have a default template for wishing people.

This template should have how many years that person has served and how do you feel they added worth to the company. These emails are very special for the person receiving it and hence they read it with utter happiness.

Work Anniversary Letter Samples

Work Anniversary Letter Sample 1

Dear Stanley, 

Congrats on finishing 2 years effectively in our Company. It’s been magnificent working with you and your commitment and responsibility to your work is estimable. In the previous 2 years, you have been advanced as Sales administrator, which shows your difficult work and devotion towards work. 

The organization and the division are grateful for having you. This is a result of your difficult work, unwaveringness, and devotion that the office has consistently remained ahead in deals. 

You have been a motivation to all the colleagues, and we value your benevolent assistance for such a significant number of years. Your work has carried numerous trees to the organization, and it’s your difficult work, which has given you and the organization accomplishment on numerous activities. To show our thankfulness, we are sending you and your family out traveling to Bali. 

If you don’t mind find connected, subtleties of the equivalent. 

Keep doing awesome, wish you achievement in the years to come. 

Yours Sincerely, 



Work Anniversary Letter Sample 2

Dear Mr. Daniel, 

I am composing this letter to salute you on your tenth work anniversary at Wise Enterprises Limited. The tenth anniversary of your work is a consequence of your preeminent direction, collaboration and solidarity inside the association. 

I need to accept this open door to thank you for your praiseworthy administrations and the unwaveringness that you have kept up for these 10 years. Your commitment and duty towards your work is genuinely exemplary. During your excursion at Wise Enterprises Limited, you have been advanced thrice, which is an away from of your difficult work and gifts.

On your tenth work anniversary, the whole group of this association expresses gratitude toward you for your solid administrations and significant nearness. Your thoughts and recommendations for expanding deals benefits and the presentation of the business plans are the admirable angles about you. 

You have been a significant wellspring of motivation for the various representatives working here. As a token of congrats, we are sending you a little blessing alongside this letter. 

We wish you proceeded with progress over an additional 10 years. 


Tom Eric 

Head supervisor 


Work Anniversary Letter Sample 3

Dear Colleague: 

Congrats! This year points a critical achievement in your administration to google. 

As an image of our valuation for your long stretches of administration to the firm, I welcome you to choose a thing based on your personal preference from the accompanying honor determinations. I will introduce these honors by and by at our up and coming Holiday Party. 

Much obliged to you for your commitments to the organization. You are an important individual from the group. 


Jane Smith 



Work Anniversary Letter Sample 4

We stretch out our all the best to you on your fifteenth anniversary of administration with the Doe Corporation. During the time we have made the most of your commitment and energy for your activity. 

To show our thankfulness for your difficult work, we welcome you and your significant other to go to the Doe Corporation’s yearly honors feast one month from now. You will get your complimentary tickets via the post office. 

We wish you proceeded with progress for a long time to come. 


Work Anniversary Letter Sample 5

Congrats! This month points your tenth year with the Doe Corporation. During the time you have worked with us, you have fundamentally added to our specialty’s prosperity, especially in the territory of deals where you have consistently been a pioneer that others could follow. We thank you for your suffering dedication and steadiness. 

Encased is a blessing endorsement to assist you with commending this superb event. We wish you bliss and achievement now and consistently. 


Work Anniversary Letter Sample 6

Dear jochan


You have been a model worker for a long time now. You are one of my couple of unique workers and have surely become a resource for this organization. I welcome the caring help you’ve given for such a large number of years.

Without the reliability and difficult work of specialists like you who helped us kick things off, we would never have accomplished our present stature. I trust the blessing I sent will mirror the high regard I have for you. 

May you appreciate the your rewards for so much hard work for a considerable length of time to come. 




Work Anniversary Letter Sample 7

Dear Tom,

Today is the twelfth anniversary of your work with Doe Contractors. Congrats! 

In those years we have developed from a juvenile unspecialized temp job subcontractor to the best broad contracting activity in Springfield. Your unwaveringly, dependability, and top-rack work have just helped us in our development. I can’t resist the urge to recollect the Centerville work, when you worked 18-hour days during that time to meet John’s reexamined plan. 

I have incorporated a humble reward check with the expectation that it will show you our thankfulness for your long stretches of fine work. On the off chance that the following twelve years turn out anything like the last, we will all be extremely cheerful without a doubt! 




Work Anniversary Letter Sample 8

Dear Associate: 

Congrats on your residency acknowledgment grant accomplishment as you praise a huge anniversary of your work at Mercy Hospital. Obviously, arriving at this achievement is a unique event for you. It is likewise a unique event for our wellbeing framework since it is a declaration of your unwaveringly to Mercy Hospital throughout the years. 

You are an esteemed colleague your proceeds with commitments are indispensable for Mercy Hospital to keep on being effective in meeting our expressed Mission, Vision and Values. The entirety of our authoritative accomplishments are put forth conceivable in light of your individual attempts just as the endeavors of your colleagues.

In thankfulness for your 25 Years of Service. We are very satisfied to display this honor and blessing to state thank you for the large number of easily overlooked details you do each day that add to the great consideration for our patients and occupants! 


VP of Human Resources


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