Visa Application Acknowledgement Letter Template

The visa applicant will get relieved and become aware of the processing of the visa after receiving the acknowledgment letter from the visa department. As a representative of the visa department, you need to inform how long the visa applications will take to get processed.

You can even request the visa applicant to contact you for further queries. You can use this sample letter link for getting ideas to write the acknowledgment letter in an official way.

Letter Template: 1

Visa Application Acknowledgement Letter

Dear [Name of Recipient],

The Department of Visa Processing, [Name of County] is pleased to inform you that we have received your submitted documents along with the visa application.

It is for your information that the decision to consider your application is 90 working days excluding national holidays from your eligibility date. The standard processing time is generally six to eight months. The time frame is calculated on the applicant’s date of eligibility which is one year from the date of registration of the application.

These service standards are indicative only and specialized for the category you have applied for. While the average processing time is generally less than five months, we focus on individual requirements after scrutinizing the application and associated documents. 

Please be informed that the processing can take a shorter or longer duration than the usual processing period depending on multiple factors. Kindly refrain from contacting any concerned personnel of the department personally as it can give rise to serious legal consequences.

If you need to contact the department, you can call the inquiry line on [mention number] between mentioned date and time] or email it to [mail id].


[Authorized signatory]

[Mention designation of the sender]

[Mention authority name]

[Address of the authority]

visa application acknowledgement letter

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