reprimand for dishonesty Letter Template

As honesty is the best policy, every staff member of any company or organization should always be honest towards their work. When any company observes some dishonesty in some of its staff, then they must want to write a letter of reprimand to warn him properly.

Here you have to mention his name, his dishonest activities, and also some words to give him the last warning about his activities. If you want you can also take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


Recipient name

Job position



Subject: letter of reprimand for dishonesty

Dear (Employee name)

This letter is a written warning for dishonesty. I want to inform you that your recent behavior is not acceptable. You are asked to make an immediate improvement in your behavior. 

Suddenly I have noticed the change in your behavior. At first, I took it lightly and thought to ignore it. I have never expected that you will do such dishonest work. I had faith in you as you have served our company for ____ years. 

Previously you had done such silly activities; then, you were forgiven for the first time. You were given a second chance. But you also missed the opportunity once more, as you know that honesty is the best policy.

In a nutshell, doing some dishonest activities are not your mistake; it is your habit. That’s why I would like to warn you personally. Our company will face great trouble because of you. It will be a massive loss to your company. 

If you need any help you can contact me without any hesitation. But please keep away yourself from doing these dishonest activities. 

The last chance is given to you. If you cannot rectify yourself, you will be expelled from our company. 

Thanking you in anticipation,


Sender name

Job position 

Organization name


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