Decline Training Offer Due to Too Much Travel Letter Template

Too much travel sometimes becomes the reason for declining training offers. Now if you are in the same situation when you have to write a letter to decline the training offer due to too much travel, then now you are in right place to complete your letter.

Here we have already provided some sample letters regarding this topic. Here while writing this letter you should always remember to mention the important points which we have discussed here with some effective words.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

This letter is in regard to the training offer which you offered me before 2 days. I considered your offer carefully and then came to a decision that I could not accept this offer as your institute is too far from my place and it will take a minimum of 1 hour to reach there by private transportation.

It will become hectic for me to travel such a long distance. That is why I am not able to accept it. It was a huge opportunity for me to work with you but my health does not allow me to travel for hours. It does not make any sense to join your institute and reach there late or if I reach on time then I will be tired throughout the day.

You are also not offering any conveyance or any pickup and dropping facility. Also, I do not own any personal vehicle and my financial condition is also not sound that I can have it immediately. 

my present job is more convenient for me as I have to travel for only 5 minutes by bus and it takes hardly 15 minutes to walk. In the evening when I returned from the office I mostly chose to walk. but it cannot be possible for me if I choose your offer because sometimes in the evening we may not get any public transport on time so I don’t want to put my life at risk.

I hope you understand my reasons.



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