Travel Agent Introduction Letter: 4 Templates

A travel agent is responsible for booking tickets for flights, trains, and cabs for the tourists who would be going to preferred destinations. Applying this letter template, you can introduce the travel agent to other colleagues.

The letter is excellently written, and the words are convincing enough to make an impact on anyone. Do not forget to include the phone number and email id of the travel agent. This is the best way you can share the information of a travel agent.

Letter Template: 1

Travel Agent Introduction Letter

(Mention the sender’s name)

(Mention Job Title)

(Mention Company name)

 (Mention the Date)


(Mention the recipient’s name)

(Mention the Job Title)

(Mention Organization’s name)

Subject: Introducing the New Travel Agent

Dear (recipient’ name),

It’s giving us great pleasure to introduce the new Travel Agent to you. His name is [mention the full name].  He is very talented, qualified, skilled, and people-friendly. He/she has a great deal of knowledge of places.

He knows to deal with every query with a high deal of professionalism. We have set hopes on him/her to fulfill their responsibilities as the most resourceful tourist agent. He/she will be joining very soon. 

He/she has worked in the field of tourism for over [mention the experience years]. He/she has assisted people in getting business and leisure tours. He/she handled the financial management with great enthusiasm and earned customer satisfaction in huge numbers. 

In our [mention the name of the company]. He/she will be arranging similar kinds of projects. He/he will research more on the destinations and do promotions online using a content management system and also contact interested people for travel tours.

He/she will be looking into the accounts section also by managing the deposits and balances. You need to look after the performance of the travel agent on a daily basis. You will be supervising the booking of tickets for him/her.

You will also assist [mention the full name of the travel agent] in negotiating contracts with contracts based on long or short-distance tours.

On the first of joining your team, you will be informing him about the rules and regulations followed by our organization for travel. You need to make sure that he/she remembers every point informed by you. If required, you can assess his learning ability related to our tourism process. 

We hope that your professional guidance to the new travel agent to achieve success and bring business to [mention the name of the company].

Good luck to both of you!

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

[Mention the name of the sender].


Company’s Name,

Office Contact No.:

travel agent introduction letter

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Letter Template: 2

Travel Agent Introduction Letter

[Your Name]
[Your Position/Title]
[Travel Agency Name]
[Travel Agency Address]
[City, State, ZIP]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Position/Title]
[Company/Organization Name]
[Company/Organization Address]
[City, State, ZIP]

Subject: Introduction of [Travel Agency Name]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to introduce [Travel Agency Name], a premier travel agency dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences and personalized service to our valued clients. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to create unforgettable journeys that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each traveler.

At [Travel Agency Name], we understand that travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about embarking on a transformative experience. Our team of experienced travel experts is well-versed in curating tailored itineraries that capture the essence of each destination, whether it be an exotic beach retreat, a thrilling adventure, a cultural immersion, or a luxurious getaway.

We pride ourselves on our extensive network of trusted partners and suppliers, allowing us to offer a wide range of travel options, including flights, accommodations, transportation, and exciting activities. From individual travelers to large groups, we are equipped to handle various travel requirements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey for our clients.

What sets [Travel Agency Name] apart is our commitment to personalized service. We believe that every traveler deserves a unique and memorable experience tailored to their specific interests and preferences. Our dedicated travel consultants take the time to understand our client’s needs, offering expert advice, insider tips, and customized solutions to create unforgettable travel experiences.

In addition, we stay up-to-date with the latest travel trends, destinations, and safety guidelines to provide our clients with accurate and reliable information. Our goal is to inspire and guide our clients in making informed travel decisions, ensuring their safety, comfort, and peace of mind throughout their journey.

As a travel agency, we are also conscious of our responsibility to sustainable and responsible tourism. We strive to promote ethical travel practices, support local communities, and minimize the environmental impact of travel. By partnering with eco-conscious accommodations, engaging in community-based tourism initiatives, and encouraging responsible travel behavior, we aim to create a positive and sustainable impact in the destinations we serve.

We would be honored to collaborate with your esteemed organization to provide exceptional travel experiences to your clients or employees. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with corporate travel arrangements, group tours, incentive trips, or any other travel-related needs you may have.

I invite you to visit our website at [Travel Agency Website] to learn more about our services and explore the remarkable destinations we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [Phone Number] or [Email Address] to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Thank you for considering [Travel Agency Name] as your trusted travel partner. We look forward to the opportunity to create extraordinary travel experiences for your clients and contribute to their lifelong memories.

Yours sincerely,

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