Recommendation for Promotion: 5 Email and Letters Templates

Usually, a recommendation letter for promotion is written by the immediate manager, reporting manager, or human resources person. SO people sitting in these positions can you these samples to write recommendation letters for the employees they feel are worthy enough to get promoted to the higher positions.

The recommendation letter can consist of the person’s achievements, how much time that person has served the company, and why you think they should be given a promotion like they have good leadership skills, relevant skills, etc.

The recommendation letter should be written in the first-person view, like what you think of that person.

Here are the Best Recommendation letters for promotion Templates

Letter Template: 1

Engineer Promotion Recommendation Letter 

Mr. Geoffrey John Managing Director, 

Protext software Solutions,

California, US — 367496 

Dear Mr. John, 

I would like to take the opportunity to offer an official recommendation for Mr. Mark Smith as the senior executive of Protext software Solutions in the California branch. I have known Mark for the past 4 years, and I feel that he is a deserving candidate for Project Manager. 

Mark joined our company 4 years back as a junior assistant tech support; with his immense knowledge of the subject and skilled abilities in his work, he gained the position of a Senior Executive in the team just after one year. And soon, he was promoted to team leader.

He has proved his mettle with every stepping stone he overleaf with his excellent leadership qualities. He has been an enthusiastic, inspiring, and motivating leader. He has a strong dedication and takes the incredible initiative to do work effectively and efficiently. 

I believe that Mark has all the abilities and qualities required for the position of project manager. I highly recommend Mark Smith for the responsible post of project manager and hope you will carefully consider this letter of promotion.

Yours faithfully, 

Ryan McCarthy. 

Human Resource Manager 

recommendation for promotion

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Letter Template: 2

Hello Sir,

I hope you are doing good and things are good both in your personal and professional life.

I would like to take a moment of yours to bring to your notice a very hardworking employee of our team who I feel will be a good fit for the opening we have on the higher post.

John has been a part of our production team for 3 years now, and from time to time, he has proven his worth and proved us right by hiring him.

He has done wonders in this limited time. He has single-handedly delivered a project to the clients without any delays and errors, and hence I feel this will be a good time for us to promote him to the position of team leader.

John has given us a commitment of 3 more years on paper, and I feel he will be an asset to the organization. We will be able to handle a team with 5 or above people as he has been a great team player and has showcased excellent leadership skills.

Kindly accept my recommendation for his promotion. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Bet Johnson

Head pf productions

recommendation for promotion

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Letter Template: 3

Harry Simon


Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


Date 8/12/2019

(Sub- Recommendation for promotion of Ben Thomas)

Hello Sir,

It’s my great pleasure to write to you about a very diligent and hardworking employee. Ben has been a part of our team since our inception. He joined us as an intern in the video marketing team and currently working as a team leader.

He has been promoted thrice in these 7 years and has been working very hard, which nobody in the company will disagree with. 

Ben has been one of the best employees that we have. He is good at client handling, and currently, he has shown immense strength as a team leader by handling a varied team of people from different backgrounds with great ease.

It’s time that we promote him as the head of the marketing department because of his skills in the digital marketing domain; he has successfully run more than 10 campaigns for our clients from different fields.

Do let me know if you require any of his past performance reports for a qualitative review of him. Looking forward to knowing your decision.


Tim Jo

Human Resources Manager

recommendation for promotion

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Letter Template: 4

The Managing Director
OpenXcell Technologies

Date 8/12/2019

(Sub – Recommendation letter for our employee)

Sales Manager
Houston Area

Respected Sir,

I recently came across news that we are looking forward to having a territory head for our new division opening post-Christmas.

It will be great for you to know that we have many good prospects for the role, but the one who best suits that profile will be Tom, who has currently been working under me for the last 5 months and previously was under your guidance.

I know you must be familiar with this guy because, with his work, he has been able to get a lot of limelight in the last quarter. He has been continuously improving his performance and has already completed his targets for the next quarter.

For the role that you are looking for, we need a self-starter and someone excellent at building relations with hands-on experience in market analysis to reach the right clients.

I feel that he will be the best suited for the role as he has been trained on told of market intelligence under you and has made sales under me, where he took the first step to reach out to the prospective clients and with a success rate of more than 70% he has sold many products which were initially not that much in-demand.

I would request you to review his last performance reports and decide it yourself, and I will be happy to help you with training him to work as a territory manager, which will be some additional responsibilities for him, but I am sure he will fulfill the roles and responsibilities perfectly.


recommendation for promotion

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