Promotion Acknowledgement Letter Template

Writing an acknowledgment letter to the management of the office for your promotion will definitely lift your image. You can reveal how happy you are with the new designation and new salary structure.

But if it is very difficult to write down the appropriate sentences, you can use this specific letter template. You would not have to spend time or work hard further to make sentences. However, you can make changes wherever you feel necessary.

Letter Template: 1

Promotion Acknowledgement Letter


[Designation of addressee]

[Name of organization]


Dear [Name of Manager],

This letter is in regard to the promotion announcement sent by the organization in the event of my promotion from the [junior post name] to [senior post name]. I acknowledge the same via letter-number xxx and confirm that the same is reflected in my employee portal.

As per instructions, I have verified my salary structure as well and there is a hike in the structure. I thank the organization for the remarkable association and support that I have received from the [Name of Organization].

The timely promotion, work culture, and management style always motivate me to dedicate myself and work hard to achieve the required results. As per the previous mail communication, I have downloaded a soft copy of my promotion letter bearing number xxx. 

Please send me a hard copy of the letter as per company terms and conditions, within xxx working days.  Please do note that as per my contract of employment, I will continue to be bound by the company’s policies governing Confidentiality, Non-compete, Non-solicitation, and Intellectual Property Rights even after the promotion.

Thanks for the timely notice of promotion information. Have a good day ahead.

Yours truly,

[Name of Employee, Employee Number, Designation of Employee]

 promotion acknowledgement letter

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