Party Invitation Letter and Email – 6 Sample Formats

Party invitations can be both formal and informal depends on what occasion it is.

If you are asking everyone to gather on the occasion of bday, it will be informal, then if it is a promotion of an employee or success company, it will be formal. You must occasion, attire, theme, and time of the party in the letter.

Party invitation letters and email samples

Party invitation letter Sample 1

Dear “Full name/team”, 

I thus compose this letter to  request you to go along with us as we praise the birthday of my father as he turns  54 years old. The birthday party will be  organized at the “Hotel name” and the attire will be theme-based. We are happy to welcome you and your family to impart this glad second to us. 

There will be fun games, nourishment, beverages, cake, and breathtaking prizes. If it’s not too much trouble wear your best party clothing standard. This is a snapshot of commending a youthful life and associating with loved ones. This party will be extraordinary and significant with you there. Your quality is exceptionally esteemed. 

If you don’t mind locate your table reservation joined herewith for your reference. I trust that you will affirm your participation soon with the goal that I can conclude the courses of action. Inform me as to whether you have any solicitations for exceptional dinners as well. Generously get in touch with me on my email [email protected] if you have any inquiries. 

I trust that you will effortlessness this delightful day with your quality. See you soon at the predefined date above. 

Much obliged to you ahead of time 

Yours Truly, 


Party invitation letter Sample 2


Dear “Name”, 

I, name, is happy to welcome you alongside your family to go to the party orchestrated by us on the finish of 10 fruitful long periods of our organization. I am welcoming you in the interest of the “Name of the organization”. We would be glad to stamp your essence alongside family at the party and couldn’t imagine anything better than to commend the achievement together. 

The location for the party is  “Name of location”  and the party would start sharp at 6 pm. Do go to the party as we would anticipate your quality there. 

Yours Truly, 

Name of the sender


Party invitation letter Sample 3

Name of the inviter 

I might want to welcome you to go along with us as we commend my commitment. I might want to stretch out my invitation to you and your family to go to my commitment which is planned to occur on a date “DD/MM/MM”. The scene will be the “Hotel Name” at 7 pm in the assembly hall. 

You have been merchandise companions to our family and I wish that you will come to celebrate with us on this unique day. The clothing regulation will be white and dark supper formals. This invitation serves you and your family. WIth due respect affirm your participation at the soonest so I can book the table reservations at a decent time. 

If it’s not too much trouble contact me through my number 639-293-8492 on the off chance that you have any requests. I trust that you will come and commend this upbeat second with us. 

Much thanks to you, I anticipate a positive reaction with respect to this invitation. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Name of sender


Party invitation letter Sample 4

Dear XYZ, 

I am composing this letter to you to welcome you for the party that we have sorted out on the DATE dd/mm/yy at the time denoting the mark of the new client that we have got. The setting of the party is ” Company rooftop cafe” and there is no specific clothing regulation for the party. 

We enjoy tremendous welcoming you alongside your family to the party. Do make it for it. In the event that you aren’t going to the party, do tell us by call or email. 

Over that, we anticipate that you should desire it and need you to appreciate the accomplishment of our organization with us. We are anticipating your essence at the party. 

Expressing gratitude toward You 

Yours genuinely, 

Name and Signature 


Party invitation letter Sample 5

Dear Colleagues, 

It is an incredible joy to welcome all of you to our organization’s twentieth commemoration. I need to thank every single one of you for their devotion and difficult work to advance the accomplishment of this organization. We would not be this far without your commitment to your individual jobs. As we commend the twentieth commemoration of “Company Name”, I welcome you to come to praise our prosperity. 

The party will occur in our meeting room on DATE dd/mm/yyyy at time after typical working hours. All colleagues, staff, and board individuals are welcome to this party. The motivation behind this party is to welcome the representatives’ endeavors and commitment to the accomplishment of the organization. Mercifully wear anything you are agreeable in that is black. 

This is an incredible chance to meet the investors and high ranking representatives of the organization. Also, this will empower us to associate and open new entryways to progress. Sympathetically affirm your participation at this gathering for coordination purposes. If it’s not too much trouble keep time on the particular day of the party. 

I anticipate seeing all of you at the party as we praise our 20 years’ prosperity. 

Warm respects, 


Party invitation letter Sample 6

Dear “Name of invitee”, 

With significant privilege, we wish to invite you to the gathering this coming Sunday, DATE at 3:00 PM for the birthday of the “person”. 

The scene for the said occasion will be at “café name”, and the clothing standard will be easygoing clothing. We wish that you will see time for you as a present at the party. It would be ideal if you let us know whether you can or can’t go along with us for reasons unknown. Get in touch with me on my telephone number at the earliest opportunity. 

Planning to meet you at the gathering. 

Best Regards, 

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