Event Invitation Letter Template

A program is being organized at your locality or club. You should first send a letter of invitation to all the concerned individuals or companies that you want as your guests. In order to do so, you should write a letter of invitation having a very formal tone.

This is a widely used letter in the professional world. If you require any help in writing this letter, then follow our website. Here you shall find multiple templates written by our proficient writers that shall help you in your quest.

Letter Template: 1

Event Invitation Letter


 [Name of the recipient],



Sub: Letter of invitation for hosting an event

Dear (Sir/Madam),

We would like to request you to host the event (mention the details of the intended event). We are very eager to get your full support to fulfill our intention as you are one of the big names in this field. The event will be at (mention the location) dated (mention the date).

We will be grateful to become a part of your creativity and hosting ability. Our organization will help you as much as possible in the completion of this given task. Our guests will be senior citizens as well as children; therefore we would like it if you help us to entertain all of them properly.

We hope that your help will give us more encouragement and enthusiasm to complete this event successfully. 

Hoping desperately for your assertive response to our humble request.

Thank you very much.


[Name of the sender],


 [Organization name].

event invitation letter

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