Class Reunion Invitation Letter: 5 Free Templates

School 🎒 days and college days are those special days in our lives that will be engraved in our hearts forever. Study years are also filled with fun, special bonds, and the energy of young blood. 

I will never forget my school 🏫 days, which offered an interesting chapter at regular intervals.

It was so exciting back then. Reunions 🫂 are the best way to catch up to those memories and remake new ones with the same people. 

Let’s figure out all about this letter format we are about to jump into right here. 🔽

What to Write in a Class Reunion Invitation Letter Sample 

A class 👩‍🏫 reunion invitation letter is a simple letter with the single task of extending the heartiest invitation to the right person. Let’s find out the way to write this letter using very simple tools. Follow up ⤵️

  • To begin your letter 💌 you should first figure out the person you are writing to- write such an invitation letter individually or pass on the same print to all the passed-out students. 
  • Make a cheerful 🤩 declaration about the reunion event that is about to be held. 
  • Specify the year 🗓️ of the pass-out batch who will be joining this reunion and extend an enthusiastic invitation for this special occasion. 
  • Whether it’s a private reunion or one organized by the institution, make sure to give credit 👏 to the organizers of this reunion.
  • The next step 🪜 is to figure out the necessary details about this reunion event. 
  • Give out all the information regarding the food 🍕 arrangements, the theme of the event (if any), and other facilities that will be available. 
  • State the charges 💲 that need to be submitted by the invites to provide their little share for this big event. If there are no charges, cut down this point. 

How to Write a Class Reunion Invitation Letter Sample (Tips)

Let’s take an advanced step in this letter-writing format. This will deal with understanding the ways and tips to improve your class reunion invitation letter. Let’s look further into these specially ✨ curated tips. 

Do not miss out on the details

An invitation letter has to convey numerous details. They are the key point of this letter format 📝. An invitee will successfully reach the event only when he or she gets the right location 📍, time, date, and other details through the invitation letter. At last, shed some spotlight 🔦 on the experience with this particular batch and reflect upon the school days. 

Welcoming vibes

An invitation letter 📬 must have welcoming vibes in it. The entire written content of the letter should be joyous and welcoming for the invitees. Fill this invitation with enthusiastic 🥳 words and cheer the invites to join in as you close the letter. 

Letter Template: 1

Class Reunion Invitation Letter

Dear Merry,

This is to inform you that Saint Merry convent school will organize a reunion for the 1998 1st class batch to recollect the school memories. Plans are ready, and we would like to invite people to decorate a day of it if it is possible.

We have made all the necessary arrangements for this event to make you feel comfortable as we have booked a suit to play host to our party.  Additionally, we have taken care of all recreational activities to make this memorable, including swimming and games from midday onwards.

Further, we have also arranged a cultural night show at 8.00 pm for those who want to stay. In that night’s show, we planned to display the sweet school memory of your batches. So please send us any related photographs and make sure you are present by replying to this letter through email or telephone text by March 30, 2020.

Thank you



Saint merry convent school (class-12th 2020 batch)

class reunion invitation letter

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Letter Template: 2

Class Reunion Invitation Letter

30 July 2019

Henry Fyol 

Oracle Electronic Enterprises

Administrative officer
21- west downtown street, Washington

The United States, 145236

Dear Floyd 

It is hardest to believe that it’s been 15 years since we graduated from Summerfield senior secondary school.  We want to meet you and your classmates. We are keen to know about each other’s life events and want to find out what’s been happening in life over all these years.

So kindly write in your schedule for the end of the week, i.e., May 21st, 2019. We are planning to have this reunion on the east street in Washington.

We mark all the crazy and funniest activities to make this reunion memorable. The rest of the details will be floated within one week after the discussion with another classmate too. We are escaping to plan this reunion during hectic working days, especially since we are taking care of outsiders’ schedules.

We believe you can consider it for the reunion. It’ll be a great pleasure to see you and recall the memories of my high school days!

Best wishes,

Tylor Francis

Summerfield senior secondary school

Assistant director

class reunion invitation letter

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Letter Template: 3

Class Reunion Invitation Letter

13 July 2018

Adam smith

Liberty private limited and shoe center 

Senior production manager
22- east Mid Way Street, Washington

The United States, 145236

Dear Smith

RE: 21st Reunion of class 10th -1992 batch (Ann merry junior high school)

It’s been a long time since to have a good meeting with each other. Some of us haven’t met each other since the 11th reunion.  Everyone lives far from each other and can’t make possible a regular get-together.

This is a good chance for everyone to refresh their old-time school memory and get to know each other well.  

The event is organized for only one day, on 20th April 2020 at 10.00 am interaction session is organized in the first half, including sharing experiences with present school students. Family and friends get together are scheduled in evening sessions, including dance, dinner, and cocktail parties. 

For this purpose, I would like to know your confirmation to attend the reunion program as soon as possible. Please let us know whether you are coming alone or along with your family. 

For more details and guidelines, you are free to ask through the mail ([email protected]) or through phone (8796543212). 

Would like to see you there.

Thank you


John Robinson

Administrative In-charge

Ann merry junior high school

class reunion invitation letter

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Letter Template: 4

Class Reunion Invitation Letter

12th June 2018

Harrow Clarck 

Symposium United charted agency 

Deputy Director
14- southwest coffee street, Chicago, Illinois

The United States, 1780

Dear Clark

You will be happy to hear that the children’s academy is going to organize its next reunion of the 2001 batch on 15th April 2020 at 5.30 pm in the evening. Each member who has free registration of the class 10th of 2001 batch is allowed to bring one guest that will be on the paid system.

One adult guest will be charged Rs. 250 per day. Please confirm for us by sending an email to [email protected] along with the filled registration form. 

The program consisted of appetizers, dinners, and dancing. 

Looking for your response.

Thank you.


Cobb Douglas

Office – in charge (children’s academy senior secondary school)

class reunion invitation letter

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Letter Template: 5

Class Reunion Invitation Letter

Email Format 

To: [email protected]

Subject: reunion invitation

Dear Brut,

I am immensely pleased to announce the 23rd reunion event at Edify senior secondary school, California. The event is taking place on 21st April 2020 at 6.00 pm. This invitation is circulating among all the 10th batch of 2002. More than 200 guests have confirmed their presence at the event.

Unsurprisingly, you all haven’t met since our 20th reunion program. You will feel great after hearing from them about their life and experiences. 

To make this reunion purposeful, you need to send your confirmation along with your guest (if any). The institution is bearing all the expenses of the topmost 10 guests of the 2002 batch, and you are one of them.

So you don’t need to pay any fees for the program. Just complete the registration form and send it to me by tomorrow evening.


With best wishes.


Thomson Milton 

class reunion invitation letter

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Letter Template: 6

Announce Class Reunion Letter

(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)


(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Announce Class reunion

Dear (Name of the Recipient), 

We are very excited to inform you that if you all want a fabulous day, you can join us at our class reunion party organized by us(mention details) on the day of (mention the day).

The party will start from the time of (mention the starting time) to (mention the closing time). This reunion party is being organized to show our happiness in order to get to know each other after so many long years (mention details).

The location of this party will be (mention the address in detail). We all are excited to interact and reminisce on our childhood’s colorful and happy days.

You can also bring your family to celebrate this joyous occasion.

We are happy to announce that we will organize many delicious foods and happy events to entertain your children. There will be happy events for the elders as well.

If you want to know any other details regarding this trip you can contact our contact person (mention the details).

Hope you will be very happy and help us to complete this process with lots of happiness.

Thank you very much, as always, for your love and support,


(Hand-written Signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

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