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Meeting Request Email to Manager – 8 Sample Formats

An employee needs to draft a formal letter to communicate with his boss for scheduling an official meeting. This letter must have all the necessary content (information) related to the meeting agenda and should be short and precise.

it should be following some guidelines like should be started with the date and followed by the name and job profile of the receiver. Here we are presenting few formal and email sample letters requesting to schedule an official meeting, you can modify as per the requirement.

Meeting request Email to Manager

Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 1

Dear sir, 

I am writing this letter to request a meeting with you to understand the job responsibility and job structure in the company. I am expecting that you could have spare some time to discuss the mentioned issues on Friday. As we all know about your busy official working hours, so I need only one hour to list up all the matters with your valuable comments.

Also in the past 1 month, there have been consistent issues inside the team and I think its high time we discuss it as it is now affecting the projects and deadlines.

Please try to consider my application and let me know by Thursday.

Thank you 





Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 2

20th Jan 2020

Dear Mr. Full Name,

I would like to request a meeting with you on “Date”, if you have a spare slot in your working hours. For your kind information, we have received the invitation of three clients on “Smart city projects” for electronic supply and need to present our budget and workload for the same. Therefore, I need to discuss the upcoming task for the resource allocation for the projects.
As we know the technologies are changing, we must also upgrade the skill set of our current employees to match the pace of the industry.

So please confirm your availability on the above-mentioned date. So that I can convey to other related employees. 

Full Name


Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 3

Sub: requesting for an official appointment

Dear Madam,

I am requesting you to please provide me an appointment with you at the earliest to discuss the detail of the upcoming project for “Development of the social app in the Public sector”. We received two reminders from their authority, asking for the proposed plan and resources to deal with the projects. 

So please consider my request and provide me an appointment at the earliest so that I can start working on the essentials.

Thank you


Full Name


Meeting request Email to Manager Sample  4 

To- [email protected]

Sub: appointment request to discuss the personal role in the company

Dear “Manager’s Name”,

I would like to request you to discuss my role in the company. Please confirm your availability in the organization. Many days have been passed but still, I am not clear about my personnel role. Please communicates your convenient time and date and I will accommodate accordingly.
This way I am not able to perform and with my first review which is very near I am not sure, how will I be assessed.

I will praise if you will consider my application and provide me a meeting slot.

Thanks for your time. 

Best wishes and regard


Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 5

Sub: Asking for an appointment (meeting) 

Dear sir,

I am “Full Name” working in the operation department in your company. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the team in the operation department. Since 15th may we are facing some issues regarding fringe benefits provided to the employees and the working environment. We are facing new challenges day by day because of this working environment.

So, I am requesting you to please pay your kind attention to the issue and call a meeting to discuss with the affected employees.

Thanking you for your time and I hope to meet you soon.


(operation team head)


Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 6

To – [email protected]

Dear sir,

As you are aware of the upcoming event of the company. We all know that these events are very important for promotional strategy. Hence we need to have proper planning and budget for the events. So, in order to clarify the event task and team, I would like to ask you for an appointment along with my team members to discuss the agendas.

Kindly spare a few times for our discussion.

Thanking you



Meeting request Email to Manager Sample 7

TO- [email protected]

Sub: requesting for an appointment

Dear sir,

I am thinking to have an official meeting with you sir at your earliest time to talk about the new construction site and plant expansion. I am sorry that, I am informing you just after your joining. But sir, this an urgent call from the market situation. If we won’t expand our plan, we can lose our current market share.

So this is my request. Please keep this issue at your priority list and inform me of your schedule to discuss the same and do the needful favor.

Hoping for your earliest response

Thank you



Meeting request Email to Manager Sample  8

Date – 23rd Feb 2019

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to confirm the meeting schedule that I requested in my previous mail drafted on 4th February. In case you didn’t remind that letter, I am again writing to you with the important agendas to discuss in the meeting and urge you to please fix a slot in the first week of March. Let me inform you, why this meeting is important and I am sending you a reminder to have this meeting. Reasons are as following-

  1. Worker are raising their protest to increase wages
  2. The contract with the old supplier of raw material is getting over. So we need to extend the same or find out some best alternative in the market.
  3. I need to have a conversation with the union leader to make quite the situation.
  4. In case, deciding incremental wage structure.

I hope u find the above points relevant and important for the company. So please consider and schedule an appointment to discuss the same.

Thank you


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