Apology Letter to Boss: 6 Sample Templates

Usually, apology letters are asked to be written in extreme cases where the organization cannot take more risk, and hence they need proof that the person will not repeat such act.

Always try to first have a word with your immediate manager and then take any further actions. Though in serious cases of misconduct or act of irresponsibility it is seen that the cases escalate fast so you need to be very careful and rectify your mistake as soon as possible.

The apology letter should consist of an apology as well as the willingness to rectify it and a promise to never repeat it.

You can express your apology to the boss for committing a mistake by dropping the object and causing embarrassment not only to the boss but to the rest of the employees during the time of the meeting.

You can also admit that since you are an employee of Wills and Company, you do realize your mistake and so you would not let it further happen to bring down the reputation. You can express regret for causing misfortune to the company. 

Letter Template: 1

Apology Letter to Boss

Dear Mrs. Collins

I want to express my profound lament for dropping the bring in the middle of the meeting and apologize for my activities. It was unseemly, insolent, and came up short on the polished methodology that you and my associates anticipate from a worker at Wills& Company. 

While I can’t modify what has happened, I have found a way to guarantee that comparable episodes and false impressions won’t happen later on. 

I esteem our expert relationship and immovably accept that our cooperation will keep on delivering strong work that will profit Wills& Company and our customers.


Betty Johnson

Letter Template: 2

Apology Letter to Boss

Dear Sir,

The motivation behind this letter is to apologize for the blunder that was made by me in sending erroneous reports to the customer. I comprehend that this mistake more likely than not made a ton of bothering the organization.

I realize that any explanation given for this won’t delete the misstep. Be that as it may, I might want you to realize how sorry I am for this demonstration of carelessness.

I realize I can’t turn around the time and set everything straight, except I would surely like you to realize that I am truly and healthily upset for the issues caused and for the misfortune the organization is bearing as a direct result of me.

Thanking You

Yours truly,


Letter Template: 3

Apology Letter to Boss

Respected Mr. Wilson,

Subject: Sincere Apologies

I am writing to express my most profound apologies for the mistakes made by me in the reports you requested. I concede that I composed those records in a rush advertisement because you found different mistakes in those archives. I was not well, and I needed to race to the clinic direly, and in that rush, I composed the report taking note of an inappropriate date on it.

I am so sorry to have caused you much cumbersomeness and embarrassment because of my blunder. 

I am, extremely grieved. I realize those archives were for an urgent meeting, and I am sorry for the slip-up I have made. You can without a doubt check my records as it should be obvious I don’t commit such errors often. It simply happened on the grounds that I was not feeling great. 

If you don’t mind excuse me, and I guarantee you that I won’t rehash such a blunder. From now onwards, I guarantee I will be increasingly cautious.

Please accept my sincere apologies. Thank you.


Jake Collins

Letter Template: 4

Apology Letter to Boss

Dear Sir,

The purpose of this letter is to convey my apologies for being absent in the office for 1 week without any prior notifications and also not being able to contact me during this period.

I know an explanation now would not be enough to mend the damage done but I would like to still share the issue which I was stuck in.

As you must be knowing that I was on leave for Friday and had gone out with family on a trek to a nearby peak and in this duration, the weather deteriorated and we got stuck there with no modes of contact and communication with anyone and were rescued only after a security team spotted us and you can verify this by a news article being published in the newspaper yesterday.

My sincere apologies once again and I will make sure next time I take precautionary measures before going on any such trips. 


Letter Template: 5

Apology Letter to Boss for Misbehavior

Dear Mr. Tireson,

I need to apologize for my activities that messed up you. I realize that stirring up the records between the two customers truly hurt the organization’s the same old thing. Through my activities, two significant showcasing pitches were failed. I realize that you endured the worst part of the error from the officials. I am sorry to the point that my misstep has messed up the organization, however for you by and by. 

I need to assume full liability for my activities. I want to have the option to fix my slip-up and ensure that you don’t languish any more extended over my mistakes. Also, I will bend over backward conceivable to never rehash the mix-up. It was such a thoughtless error, that ought to never have occurred. 

I regard you profoundly, Mr. Tireson, as my chief. You work superbly, and I believe I am gaining such a great amount from you.

I trust that my activities won’t harm our working relationship or the incredible work our group does. Much obliged to you for all the work you do as an administrator.


Betty Thomas

Letter Template: 6

Apology Email to Boss

Dear Ms. Williamson,

I want to convey my sincerest apologies for my misconduct. I was unconscious that my jokes and remarks were so hostile to my kindred female associates. I comprehend that my wrong conduct has messed up the workplace, and I intend to make every effort to alter the circumstance. 

I realize that all together for our group to work productively, everybody must cooperate and feel great with one another. My misconduct intruded on this stream, harming the organization’s deals.

Through making my revises exclusively and endeavoring to change my lead with the goal that it will never happen again, I would like to recuperate what I broke. I have extraordinary confidence in the organization, and I don’t need my activities to imperil the incredible work we do. Once more, I am sorry abundantly for my misconduct, and I guarantee it won’t occur once more.


Richard Jackson

Executive Sales

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