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Medical Letter for Airline Refund Sample – 7 Templates

The followings are the sample letters for the airline authority to cancel the ticket and refund flight ticket due to medical reasons.  You can address these sample letters to managers or customer care officers, air company representative for withdrawal of air ticket, refund air ticket because of medical or any other issue.

Moreover, you can communicate and modify the content as per the information you wanted to convey. 

Medical Letter for Airline Refund Samples

Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 1

Date – 21st march 2020

The airline representative,

Alaska airline

New York, USA.

Sub: letter to ask for a refund 

Dear madam/sir,

I am drafting this letter to communicate you that I bought four flight tickets more of an economic class for a flight of your company going to Indiana on 30th march as I scheduled to have a meeting with my colleague to visit some important site there for setting up the franchise.

But, unfortunately, due to the medical problem of my two colleagues as they met accident yesterday and can’t move, therefore, we cannot go according to plan. I am aware that you have a policy of refunding payment in case of canceling the tickets at least 24 hours prior to the take-off time. 

Keeping the above fact in my view, I appeal to you to cancel my tickets and refund my money. I am looking for your positive support. 

I would like to thank you in anticipation. Please find the attached document for the same.


Ticket no. 0125

 and Scan copy of the ticket



Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample  2

Airline Name

Sub: Letter for an air ticket refund

dear sir,

I am drafting this letter to convey a message to you that I am canceling my booked one  ticket for Washington on 31st march 2019  due to medical reason in my family., I know it is not the right way  to inform at the eleventh hour but believe me I am not left with the option

Therefore, I am requesting you to cancel my ticket and refund my money. Again apologize for the inconvenience. I shall be really grateful for this kind favor. My ticket number is CI2554.



Contact detail


Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 3

Date: 25th Feb 2020

From: Max Lifecare hospital

ABC airline company

Southwest street, California

Sub: Refund of the cancelled ticket 

Dear sir/ Madam,

Passenger name: Name

IC: 234XX35

This  letter is to inform you that the above passenger has booked  a flight ticket  from New York to California and return flight from California to New York on 12th March 2020.

However, she is not able to travel due to her savior athame condition and needs to have lung surgery in an emergency. And Ms. Annea, her mother needs to look after her.

So this is an urge to support these passengers from your airline company at its best.

Thank you



Stamp of the hospital and signature.


Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 4

Date: 12th April 2019

Administrative manager

Air Asia,


Subject: Asking for the refund amount

Dear sir/ madam.

This is to kindly inform you that I have scheduled a flight on the 10th march for Indiana from your company. For detailing the ticket, I have already attached one scanned copy of the ticket. The day before yesterday, I met one accident and got fractured my right leg. Currently, I am admitted in Synergy hospital. For the evidence, I am attaching all scanned copies of hospital services and treatment.

Therefore, it’s my request to please cancel my flight ticket under your customer policies. I would be thankful for you and always sustain as your loyal customer.

Thank you




Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 5

Date; 14 Oct 2019


Old coffee road.

Administrative manager

AAA air flight cargo,


Subject: Asking for refund amount for canceled flight because of medical reason

Dear sir/ madam.

This letter is to inform you that I would not be able to fly with flight number G121 from Washington to California due to my mothers’ illness. She is admitted to a synergy hospital and needs one attendant for 24 hours. Hence, I cannot leave her alone. I have to be there for emergency assistance.

I am requesting you to please consider my application letter to cancel my flight ticket (ticket number – x145) as per your booking and cancellation rule. This kind of favor from your company will covert me into a loyal customer.

Thank you

Full Name


Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 6

Date: 15th May 2018

ABC flight Corporation 

Administrative officer,


Subject: regarding a refund of flight ticket due to medical reason

Dear sir, 

This is to inform you that I have scheduled my flight from your traveling agency on 21st Oct 22019 from California to Indiana. My mother suddenly got sick and admitted to Synergy hear care home. She needs an attendant for 24 hours.

I am he only member of my family who can take care of my mother. Hence, to have a flight on the scheduled date is quite impossible for me. I have gone through the cancelation policy under the medical emergency of your company and found that if I would cancel my ticket before 48 hours of take-off. Then I will get a 75% refund of the total amount. 

As a piece of evidence I have attached all scanned medical documents. So, I am requesting you to consider my application and provide me the refundable amount on the medical ground.

Thanking you


Jags Shiro


Medical letter for Airline Refund Sample 7

Hospital letterhead

Air cargo flight,

New York, USA

Sub: request to refund the  amount

Dear Administrative officer,

Mr. (Traveller’s name) is tested positive for swine flu and no suppose to travel in any mode. Her medical condition is not controllable. Therefore, he may ask for his ticket cancellation, which is booked on 21st May 2020 from New York to Tokyo.

This traveling can not be possible in this situation. Therefore, please favor to traveler’s name according to your cancellation and refund policy.

Thanking you


Head physician 

Lifecare hospital

(stamp and signature)

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