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Letter for approval for project- Sample Template

Dear [Name of recipient],

I am writing this letter regarding the proposed project on [mention the details of the project].  As per the terms and condition of the organization, I would like you to inform you that all the necessary approvals of the project has been obtained. Kindly keep in mind that we found the project was beneficial for the organization and it also meets the required conditions for setup and execution. I am pleased to state that this [name of project] is an innovative step in the [name of field of study or research]. I have attached the summary of approval hierarchy of the project along with this letter for future references.  

It is your for information that the once the acknowledgement is received by you in physical form, you can hopefully proceed to execute the project. Please keep in mind to fill out the necessary forms before the start of execution of the project. 

In case if you feel any changes needs to be done to the approval details, kindly intimate it to me via phone at xxxx or email me at xxxx. Wish you a successful execution of the forthcoming project. 


[Name of Sender]

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