Harassment Warning Letter Sample: 4 Templates

Are you in a situation when you have to write a letter of warning for harassment? Then now you are in the proper place to complete your letter in a proper format. Here we have already covered some sample letters regarding this topic of a letter of warning for harassment.

Now while writing this letter you must have to mention some effective words with a proper format to clear the message. You can easily do it by taking the help of our below letters. 

Letter Template: 1

Harassment Warning Letter Sample

(Mention your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)


(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Warning for Harassment

Dear (Name of the Recipient),

This letter is being written to warn you on behalf of our institution (mention the name of the company/institution) for your continuous gesture of the bad behavior and harassing attitude towards our other members and workers. Your rude and bad behavior has become a big problem for our organization.

We are receiving various types of grievances. We have previously given you verbal warnings many times but as you are unwilling to change your behavioral conduct, therefore we are sending this letter to warn you officially.

After receiving this official letter we hope that we would not get any other complaints about your bad behavior, and we don’t have to take any drastic steps against you in the future. You are to be requested to contact our member (mention the name and the details of the contact person) for further details.

Hope you will try your best to change your behavior and make our institution a harassment-free organization.

Thank you very much.

With regards,

(Hand-written Signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

harassment warning letter

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