Recommendation Decline Due to Opinion Letter: 4 Template

When you get a certain request from one of your close people to write a letter of recommendation for a job or higher studies, but knowing the person for quite some time, you don’t agree with it and feel like the person is not ready to be recommended yet then you should be conveying it nicely.

Make your points clear as to why you don’t agree with the recommendation, why did you decline writing it. If you want, you can take help from this sample of mine, following which you will be able to frame yours nicely.

Letter Template: 1

Hello, “Full Name”,

I received your email last evening for the letter of recommendation for your future concourse but I would like to decline the proposal as I feel that it’s too early for you to join your Ph.D. program. We have known each other for a very long time now and due to the last couple of months you know we have distanced ourselves.

I have repeatedly asked you to focus more on your studies and you have been very distracted due to some of the other reasons and Ph.D. is a big responsibility. I would like you to stay some more in the institute and work with us as a fellow. Your knowledge needs more polishing before you start a new journey in research.

Due to the past couple of heated arguments, I feel you have started underestimating the subject and also that you have a very radical point of view, which won’t help you much in the longer term and hence I feel we need to sit together and work on perspectives.

I hope you understand my point and we work on the shortcomings soon.


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