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Letters to Decline a Marriage Proposal: 6 Templates

Letter to decline a marriage proposal for self-respect

Dear (Name of the person),

I am blessed that I got to know about all your intentions behind getting married. I have no regret to decline this marriage proposal for the sake of mine and my family’s self-respect. Thank you so much for showing your real colors and asking for a dowry before fixing anything. I would love to inform you that we are not going to fulfill any of your demands regarding this marriage and not only that but we are not going to proceed anything in this relation. Your thoughts are so cheap that we never think anything about this proposal.

We are lucky enough to break this relation. Asking for a dowry is not less than a crime these days. You should be grateful to us that we are not taking any legal actions against you. Our eyes are opened now and we are never ever going to accept this proposal. I want you to never try to make any contact with us in the future and also don’t dare to change your words. We are not in a mood to listen to any of your bullshit. 

Thank you so much for giving us this experience and thank you for everything.




Letter to decline a marriage proposal for studies

Dear (Name of the person),

This is to inform you with a heavy heart that I cannot agree with this marriage proposal because I don’t want to stop my studies in between. I have not completed my graduation and I want to study even more that is why it is important to tell you that I will decline this marriage proposal. It is not the right age for getting married. I want to get settled first then only I can think about it.

I can understand that you wanted to get married because you have your own personal reasons but I really don’t think that I can be a good wife for you. You are a good-looking and well-settled person so you also have to look for a girl who can understand you and who is the same as your age.

There is a big age difference between us and I still have my dreams which I want to fulfill at earliest as possible. I don’t want to spoil our lives in a hurry. I believe that we both will get the right match for each other but surely we two are not compatible with marriage. It is your age to get married and you should go for it and I will just wait for 5-6 years. Right now I have to complete my graduation and post-graduation and after that, I have to get myself settled in a job. 

I hope you will understand the need for this situation and will not mind if I decline this proposal. Thank you for considering me as your life partner.




Letter to decline a marriage proposal for a career

Dear (Name of the person),

This is to bring to your kind notice that I have decided to decline this marriage proposal because my career is just get started and I don’t want to spoil it for the sake of marriage. it is just a few months back when I joined a company and also started getting exposure. At this time I am not mentally prepared and even don’t want to get prepared for this marriage thing.

it was not an easy decision to make but I had sacrificed a lot of thanks for this job. And now I don’t want to lose it at any cost. it takes so much to stand against everyone in the family for coming to this decision.

I know that I can achieve a lot at this platform and it is just starting my career and I can’t let it go this way. I also know that I cannot continue with my job after getting married because once I shifted to another place I get really busy for some time and after that, I am lost all of my capabilities and excitement for growing up. I am just 25 and I have plenty of time to think about marriage.

I don’t want to be a Heartbreaker and want to clear everything like a crystal that is why I decided to tell you that I can’t accept this proposal before any serious meetings.

I request you to understand my reasons and hope that you will also decline this proposal.




Letter to decline a marriage proposal for a family

Dear (Name of a person),

Before taking any step forward I would like to make it clear everybody’s eyes that I want to decline this proposal as I don’t want to shift into another place after getting married. as I am the only daughter of my parents so in that aspect I want to get settled in the same city as my parents. I can’t leave them alone. mum and dad are also growing with me, years by years they are getting old and they might need me after some time.

I don’t want to be far away from them. they have done everything for me and also made uncountable sacrifices just for giving me a perfect life. They are excellent parents and their parenting can never be questioned. 

I also want to pay them back if ever I get the chance. when I was a little girl they used to be around me because I need them the most and now it is my responsibility to look after them when they have nobody around them. I hope that you will understand my reasons and corporate with me to reject this proposal. 

I love my parents a lot and owe my life to them. My love will never get change for them even after getting married. I hope that you will not mind rejecting this marriage proposal and will get a nice and suitable bride for you. wishing you the future with the best of health, wealth, and happiness.




Letter to decline a marriage proposal for a girlfriend

Dear (Name of the person),

I write this letter to inform you that I cannot accept your marriage proposal as there is someone else in my life I love her to the moon and back. I cannot think of my life without her and even don’t want to. I have already made a promise to spend my entire life with her. I am so much in love with her and don’t want to spoil your life by saying yes to his proposal.

I know it’s been weird to tell you but every day I love her even more than the day before. I don’t want to make any false promises but I simply want to say no to this. Honestly, I don’t want someone else to be in her’s place. we are committed to each other and always will. 

I hope you will try to understand and make it clear to your family that I am not the type of guy who will not accept his love in front of everybody. We are in a relationship for a long time and also want to get married. My family is not agreeing with our relationship because she does not belong to a well-off family but I know that I will convince them one day.

I don’t want to break your heart after an official meeting that’s why I chose to disclose everything by this letter.  

I hope that you will also reject this proposal as you will get no happiness in return. I want to be loyal to both of you.



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