A Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service in Hotel


The Manager,

[Name of hotel]


My name is [ABC]. I am writing this letter after staying at your hotel (hotel name and location) last week. This letter is about the poor condition of customer service with high customer dissatisfaction.

I chose your property after reviewing your website which portrays a completely different picture compared to reality. You mentioned that Super Deluxe offers a lot of amenities that are not even available in your best rooms.

Ever since I checked in, my experience has always been the worst. 

There was no one to welcome at the reception. A room service boy took 10 minutes to address us and 15 minutes to call the receptionist. 

No room service facilities were available for tea, food and room cleaning. The bathrooms and toilets were not cleaned before check-in and I had to pull the person with me after calling 10 times for service. Power cuts are another disaster. I never thought I would face a power cut-off on such a 4 star property. You have electrical equipments that do not work or does not have the power to work. This way you save electricity, I hope.

Speaking of your hotel outside the room, the swimming pools have not been cleaned for the past 1 week. There is no equipment except tables on the table tennis court. Other games are only advertised on your website.

In short, your service has completely ruined our vacation. 

I will definitely take proper action against these issues and make sure not a single star gets into your property.


(sender name)

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