Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service in Hotel: 4 Templates

You might have already stayed in many hotels in some situations and also will stay in the future. Sometimes you have to face bad customer service facilities in the hotel. In such case, you must want to complain about those issues to the management authority.

Regarding this purpose to help you here we have written some sample letters. While writing this letter describe all the issues with calmness, don’t use any rough words, and request for upgrading of this service.

How to Write a Complaint Letter About Bad Customer Service?

  • Be succinct and straightforward. Describe the item or service you purchased as well as the problem you faced during its customer service. Include serial or model numbers, as well as the seller’s name and address. If you’re following up on a chat, make sure to mention who you spoke with and clarify the specifics of your encounter.
  • Specify precisely what you want to be done and how long you’re ready to wait for a response. Try to be sensible.
  • Don’t send a letter that is angry, sarcastic, or threatening. The individual receiving your letter is unlikely to be the source of the problem, but he or she may be extremely helpful in addressing it.
  • Include copies of pertinent papers, such as receipts, work orders, and warranties. You may also wish to share copies of emails and notes from talks regarding the difficulty you’ve had with the vendor. Please keep your originals.
  • Include your name as well as your contact details. If you’re dealing with a bank account, make sure to give the account number.

Template: 1


The Manager,

[Name of hotel]


My name is [ABC]. I am writing this letter after staying at your hotel (hotel name and location) last week. This letter is about the poor condition of customer service with high customer dissatisfaction.

I chose your property after reviewing your website which portrays a completely different picture compared to reality. You mentioned that Super Deluxe offers a lot of amenities that are not even available in your best rooms.

Ever since I checked in, my experience has always been the worst. 

There was no one to welcome at the reception. A room service boy took 10 minutes to address us and 15 minutes to call the receptionist. 

No room service facilities were available for tea, food and room cleaning. The bathrooms and toilets were not cleaned before check-in and I had to pull the person with me after calling 10 times for service. Power cuts are another disaster. I never thought I would face a power cut-off on such a 4 star property. You have electrical equipments that do not work or does not have the power to work. This way you save electricity, I hope.

Speaking of your hotel outside the room, the swimming pools have not been cleaned for the past 1 week. There is no equipment except tables on the table tennis court. Other games are only advertised on your website.

In short, your service has completely ruined our vacation. 

I will definitely take proper action against these issues and make sure not a single star gets into your property.


(sender name)

hotel bad service complaint letter

Template: 2


The Manager,

[Name of hotel]

[Write your address]

Subject – a Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service in Hotel

This is to bring to your kind attention that we are extremely disappointed with the service provided by you when we had visited (Mention hotel name) on (mention date).

To celebrate our wedding anniversary we thought of visiting (Mention the name of the place). I stayed in room no (Mention room No) from (write the date) to (write the date). 

During my stay, I have been served terrible food. It was (Mention month), despite the winter, the hotel did not have any heaters. We enjoyed the same temperature inside the house as it was on the outside. All the furniture and electrical appliances inside the house were primitive. I complained about this to the manager but it did not improve till the date of checkout.

I want to encourage you to improve your customer service as I don’t want anyone to ruin his or her vacation staying here. After hearing from one of my friends I had a positive impression of your hotel but it’s totally ruined now. I can only assume how disastrous it can get in the case of others. I just expect that this problem will be solved prior to my following stay. 


(Sender name)

bad service hotel complaint letter

Template: 3


The Manager,

[Name of the hotel]

[Write your address]

Subject – a Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service in Hotel

I would straight away like to bring to your notice that I and my friends stayed here as we are going to catch a train in the morning back to our home. And we think that it’s our misfortune that our prolonged journey has ended to your hotel. 

We were on a short-term trip to (Mention place) as we all needed some fresh air and we all needed a breakaway. We were all tired, we searched for some hotels online, and this hotel was the closest to us and decided to stay here for the night.

Upon first glance (Mention hotel name) seemed deserted, it took a lot of time to finally show up at the reception. They gave us our room keys, while I was on the stairs I could have fallen because of how fragile they were. We all had reserved a separate room and all were in the same positions, disgusting and stinky. There was thick dust on everything like windows, walls, and even furniture. The shower was not working, and the toilet seats were broken.

We checked out after only one night, despite paying for (Mention days). In the near future, I will not recommend anyone to stay here for once. 

Yours respectfully,

(Write sender name)

bad customer service hotel complaint letter

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