Apology Letter to Hotel: 6 Sample Templates

We all face situations in life where we reach the hotel and the appropriate services are not given, and in that case, you can register your issues. The hotels release their apology letters, and these are very formal in nature, and usually, it affects their reputation too.

Hence, these letters consist of how the problem will be solved or your other options. The hotels make sure that the guest/client is never disappointed. 

You will apologize to the candidate for not being able to offer the room on a certain date as it has been reserved for the other tourist. At the same time, you will assure the candidate of providing the room next time.

You can suggest the candidate get a reservation in another hotel with similar rates. This is how you can make the candidate comfortable and assure him of providing quality service next time. 

Letter Template: 1

Apology for the Unavailability of a Room at The Hotel

Dear Sir/madam 

We thank you for your letter dated 13/02/2010 advising us to reserve a spot regarding the room. We are satisfied to get your solicitation on the schedule, yet we apologize for tog illuminate you that the hotel is completely reserved and we can’t give you the mentioned space to the mentioned date.

We accept an open the door to give you a room on some other elective dates after 21/02/2023. We can likewise prescribe you an approach by a hotel of our equivalent standard with a similar room rate and offices. Bouncing to get a chance to serve you whenever. 

Much obliged to You 

Your reliably 

Assistant manager

The Hilton

apology letter to hotel

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Letter Template: 2

Apology Letter and Offer of Compensation

Dear Mr. Whatmore, Mrs. Sumners 

I’m the General Manager here at The Gimmel Resort and Spa. It has been drawn out into the open that your ongoing encounter with us was inadequate. As you may know, to give the most elevated level of friendliness is our main need, and hearing we have fallen beneath that standard is something we like to address right away. 

We are very much customer-oriented and hence any inconvenience is made up to them in the best possible way and I would like to offer you a fully paid trip to LA the next weekend sponsored by our organization.

This time we will take care of all the arrangements to begin your tour, and a limbo will receive you at the airport.

Kindly confirm from your side so we do the rest of the arrangements.


Howard Brothers 

apology letter to hotel

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Letter Template: 3

Apology and Discount Offer for Booking System Error at Hotel

Dear Ms. McDonald, 

I want to offer my sincerest expressions of remorse for the issues you experienced during your stay at the Hotel Eucalyptus a week ago.

I don’t have a clue what occurred with our booking framework and why your reservation was lost; be that as it may, I am investigating it to guarantee it doesn’t occur once more. Be that as it may, it darkened your stay at our hotel, and for that I am heartbroken. 

I trust that you had the option to appreciate the remainder of your time in San Diego once we sifted through everything. I am happy we had the option to discover you a proper room, and I trust you delighted in the free champagne we sent up to your room.

I additionally need to offer you a 10 percent markdown whenever you visit our fine foundation. 

We care about our visitors at Hotel Eucalyptus, and we despise it went there is ever an issue with one of our visitors. I was humiliated to have experienced such an issue with you, and I will give it my best shot to guarantee it doesn’t occur once more. I realize this doesn’t support you, yet I simply needed to tell you.

Furthermore, I trust you were happy with how the hotel workers dealt with your concern. On the off chance that you had any negative encounters with any of our staff, it would be ideal if you let me know.

I trust that was not the case and I hope that you will visit us again whenever you are visiting the area. 



apology letter to hotel

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Letter Template: 4

Hotel Apology Letter

Dear euphoria, 

I want to broaden my expressions of remorse again for the benefit of the Taj hotel for the overbooking oversight on the 26th walk 2020. Much thanks to you for being so understanding and obliging. I trust that the misunderstanding didn’t cause undue bother on your outing. 

We would like to communicate our gratefulness to you, our faithful client, by broadening a gift voucher as free to remain at any of our areas in the new york region in the following 4 days. You can bring in or book the internet utilizing the code WXYT47GE. 

Once more, I’m appallingly upset for the bother. Much obliged to you for your adaptability and comprehension. 



apology letter to hotel

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Letter Template: 5

Apology Letter for Unsatisfactory Stay at Hotel

Dear Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Jason 

For the Green Hotel, if you don’t mind acknowledge my expression of remorse for your horrendous remain at the Landon on the fourteenth walk. 

We endeavor to guarantee our benefactors experience the most ideal visits during their movements and we missed the mark concerning our objective this time. To demonstrate to you that we pay attention to each grievance, we have encased a greeting right now a free two-night remain at any of our European areas. 

We trust you will see the improvement and make the most of your time with us in your following visit. If it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in the event that you have any further inquiries or remarks concerning your remain. Much thanks to you. 



apology letter to hotel

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Letter Template: 6

Hotel Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Whatmore, Mrs. Sunder, 

I want to apologize for the inconvenience that you had to face while you stay at The bloom and this will be made up to you. I want to offer you a stay at our presidential suite for a weekend anytime you feel is right.

This issue has come up to us and to make sure that everything goes smooth I am taking care of it myself.

I can envision that our powerlessness to fitting you with the two-room you booked began your stay with us. In any case, I trust you and your family will comprehend that we had a water pipe break in that area of the structure and couldn’t put anybody there while the fixes were done which shockingly took a longer time. That intends to close that part of the structure for 24 hours. 

I trust you can excuse this difficulty and let it prevent you from remaining with us later on. Truth be told I might want to offer you and your family a free night on your next remain at Royal Heritage. 


Missy Brown

apology letter to hotel

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