Business Proposal Acknowledgment Letter Template

If you are delighted by anyone’s business proposal and want to give honor to you for the time and exertion that he has given for this plan. Then you have to write a letter of acknowledgment of the business proposal.

This letter has a unique format that can easily express the points clearly. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic for your help. If you want, you can easily take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Recipient’s name]

[Organization name]


Ref: Acknowledgement of [mention details of the business proposal]

Dear [name],

I am delighted to acknowledge receipt of your proposal concerning [name of business] business in the name of [mention company name] on [mention date]. I honor you for the time and exertion you have given to this plan. 

An assessment committee comprised of all board members reviewed your approach received by the board. The committee was encouraged by the keenness and contemplative preparation you have shown in your professional manifesto. 

Though some of the specific facts in your proposal did not meet the criteria, therefore, you have to check those factors mentioned below:

[Explain the facts]

Once you make explicit these issues, you will obtain the final decision by the board promptly. You are privileged that the decision-making committee has cleared the rest of the matters. 

If your proposal gets selected by the organization, there will be a contractual agreement between your companies and [mention another company name]. 

Along with this letter I am sending you some official papers. Kindly review it at your convenience and get back to us if you have any queries. Feel free to contact this number [mention contact number].  

Kind regards,

[Sender Name]

business proposal acknowledgment letter

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