Cancellation of Event Acknowledgement Letter Template

With this letter template, you need to inform and acknowledge for cancellation of the event. You can mention the cause of the cancellation.

You can justify how you tried to postpone to the next date but it could not be done, unfortunately. So, you are feeling sorry for it and you apologize actually. You can also assure that next time it will never get canceled and so this is the first and the last time.  

Letter Template: 1

Date: (…………..)

(Sender Name)

(Company Name)


(Mobile Number)

Sub: Acknowledgement Letter for Cancellation of The Event

(Receiver’s name)

(Organization name), (Address)

Dear (Concerned Person)

 I am really sorry to inform you that the Annual Event which was due to be held on (Sep 13th) has been canceled due to some management issues. Please accept my apology regarding this matter. We have tried our best not to cancel it but unfortunately, we have to stop our further process.

We did attempt to come up with an alternative date but we were advised that this would be too impractical at such short notice. 

 I regret any convenience this may cause you. We are really very sorry that we could not fulfill our commitment and not be able to arrange the event. Next time we will not keep any errors and we promise that this is the first time and this is the last time. These were circumstances that were beyond our control. We hope that this will not stain our relationship and hope for your presence at our next event.


(Company Name), (Address)

(Email ID)

 (Mobile Number)

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