Warning Letter to Employee for Gossiping: 4 Templates

Are you facing some problems while writing a letter of warning for gossiping? Then now you are in the right place to complete your letter easily. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic of a letter of warning for gossiping.

Here it’s crucial to mention some important points with some effective words to give a proper warning. Now if you want to complete your letter without any mistakes then complete your letter easily with the help of our below letters.

Letter Template: 1

Warning Letter to Employee for Gossiping

(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)


(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Warning for Gossiping

Dear (Name of the Recipient),

We are writing this letter to you after the complaints that we have received against you from the other employees of our company (mention the name and details of the company). We also know that your manager has verbally warned you many times regarding your bad habit of gossiping for a long time during office hours. But this type of serious malpractice is strictly prohibited as per our company rules and regulations. Therefore we are writing this warning letter to officially alert you about this misconduct of yours.

No excuses can be accepted for this kind of attitude towards your duty, so you are being warned for the last time to change your attitude; otherwise, even a serious action like termination can be taken against you by us.

Therefore we hope you will try your best to follow the policies of our company as one of our responsible employees.

 If you have anything to convey you can contact (mention the name of the contact person) within office hours.

Hope you will try to obey our rules in the future.

Thank you very much.

With regards,

(Hand-written Signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

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