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Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension – 7 Formats

Many a time it is noted that banks offer credit to the customers but the timely repayment is delayed due to some of the other reason. This, in turn, turns out to be a situation of loss for the company. Hence the companies have to warn the customer for paying back the amount or they will have to seize further transactions of their account. The most a company does is temporarily block the card.

Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension

Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 1

It is both encouraging and satisfactory for us to have a customer like you for such a long time. We have had great business days and without a doubt, we admire your corporation with us in great business deals. Be that as it may, from several months, we are seeing barely any distractions right now. The last two checks you gave for the deals we finalized in summers were ricocheted by the bank. 

You should know about the results of such mistakes in business deals. The bank has given NSF charges for you to store. Then again, it is to acknowledge that the company will never again accept checks from you in the future for any business deals. Rather you should pay with cash or credit cards. 

We trust you will investigate this matter personally and attempt to reconnect us to comprehend this important issue. 


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 2

We value your intention to be associated with our organization and do quality business. Before continuing you more likely than not been handed our manual and terms of strategy for various administrations. It is brought to our notification that there is a colossal amount due on your side. Our customer representatives are ceaselessly calling you to explain this issue amenably, however, you are either ignoring or declining their calls totally. 

Therefore, we are left with no other alternative than to suspend your account by 30th of this current month in the event that we won’t hear anything from you by, at that point.

In the event that you want additional information on this matter and want to speak with our customer specialist organizations, you may visit us during the official 9:00 am to 5:00 pm hours. We guarantee that we will assist you to our fullest to sort this genuine matter in the most advantageous way conceivable. 

Customer Success Team


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 3

Hello Mr. Elina,

A genuine matter has been reported to us about your ongoing payment. Yesterday you made a purchase worth more than $1000. You paid the amount on your credit card. In any case, unfortunately, the card wasn’t approved. It was stated that your credit card was obstructed by the bank. 

You should experience some legal formalities to sort this out. Be that as it may, meanwhile, our payment is expected at your end. In this way, we are wrapping a duplicate of your ongoing order along with the credit card details we found. Benevolently send us payment through cash or as a check at the address referenced in the letter. 

We accept that this could have been done mistakenly and you were not proposed to make such conveyance. Therefore, you should comprehend this issue as soon as you get our notification. 

Credit Evaluation Team


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 4

Hello Mr. Robin, 

We are recording this to inform you of a genuine matter disrupted from the past seven months. We were acknowledged that you applied for $50,000 loans from the company a year ago. According to the terms you marked you will undoubtedly pay it back inside a predetermined period. 

In any case, you are totally inactive in all these months and looking into your document, we find a workable pace you are still owing debtors for this cash. Moreover, the given time frame has been finished, and you should clear the surcharge as well. 

As a matter of the outcome, we are suspending your account and want you to take genuine note of this last warning and report to us any advance made right now. 

Credit Evaluation Team


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 5

Dear Samantha, 

We truly appreciate your loyalty to Rainbow Trading for the past seven years. Our company greatly values our customers and their organizations. Nonetheless, the ongoing watch that you sent us was not accepted by the bank because of a lack of assets.

There will be a charge of $18 for the arrival of the check. Unfortunately as well, we can never again be accepting your checks. You can pay your bills to us through major credit or check cards, or cash. For clarification on this issue, you can call me at 456789. We want to keep you, and we trust we can be of administration to you for many more years to come. 

Regards & Respect

Team IDFC 


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 6

To the responsible party in question, 

It is a matter of concern for us we had lent you $5000 for a period of 6 months but for the last two months we have not received your payment and also our calls have been ignored from your side. We understand that you must be busy doing transactions with your client but this is behavior is not at all acceptable.

We are requesting you to be please available in the office in person so that we can reactivate your account. Till then we are freezing any transactions which will be made on from the credit card.


Customer Relationship Team


Warning Letter to Customer for Credit Suspension Sample 7

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Regarding Checking Account: 8675957364123 

I might want to demand that you consider repaying bank charges you applied to an unplanned overdraft that has been developing since last year. The fact that I went into the red at all is a testament to my financial hardship. Charging me for consequent failed direct charges that I didn’t cancel in time, on the enthusiasm on the overdraft, has intensified the issue and made it a lot harder to pay off. I am discovering it considerably hard to try and purchase daily necessities like bread and milk. 

I accept that if the charges of $500 are waived I will have the option to start paying down the obligation and recover the account into great standing. If not I may be forced to look for legal advice. 

I anticipate your brief answer 

Yours Faithfully, 

Mr. R. Austin

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