Thank you for Loan Approval: 7 Letter and Email Templates

Usually, people take a loan when they have to buy something which currently is out of their budget, and hence the amount of loan or approval of the loan is extremely important for them.

Usually, people are very emotional about their loan amounts, and hence if the loan gets approved, they preferable write an email or letter to the bank or the loan officer.

How to write a good thank you for loan approval letter-

  • Make sure you mention how grateful are you for the loan
  • You must mention how critical was this amount for you
  • You can mention what this amount will be used for 
  • You can mention how you will be making sure that you return the loan as soon as possible. 

Thank you for Loan Approval Letter and Email Templates

Template: 1

Thank you for loan approval for the renovation of the home 

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to you for the kindness that you displayed by tolerating my application for a loan, and your bank has affirmed my loan. I was in incredible need of cash as I needed to redesign my home before this summer for the upcoming winter season.

I am extremely grateful for this bank because the speed that you have shown in processing my application is commendable.

It will be ideal if you acknowledge my respect and a debt of gratitude for your kindness and by. I will consistently recall your graciousness.

Yours Sincerely,

Your name

Thank you for loan approval for renovation of the home

Template: 2

Thank you for loan approval for college fees 

Dear sir/Mam,

I just received the confirmation for my loan approval, and I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am by this great gesture. This was a crucial moment for me as my deadline for paying my college fees was approaching. I am a scholar in college and have high hopes for my future. 

I want to assure you that I will be paying my installments on time, and there will not be any delay from the side. You have shown a lot of kindness towards a student, and as I have submitted the proof of my college record, I will make sure that my record doesn’t change.


Thank you for loan approval for college fees 

Template: 3

Thank you for loan approval for the wedding

Hello Sir/Mam,

I would like to begin my letter with gratitude for approving my loan of $5000. I understand that personal loans are disbursed at a very high-interest rate, and in these times of recession, I am taking a huge risk by taking a loan, but as I have already mentioned that I will make sure that I return the principal amount with proper interest.

Officer, I will be always indebted to your debt that you helped me in getting the loan, and hence I want to extend the invitation of my marriage to you also. My fiance and I are extremely happy that now we will be able to fulfill the dress of our marriage.


Thank you for loan approval for the wedding

Template: 4

Thank you for loan disposal for opening a new business

Hello dear,

Thank you so much, sir, for this loan. I understand the terms and conditions of the loan disbursal and will make sure that I return the loan amount in the stipulated timeline. As I have already taken insurance for my new business that I am planning to open in Michigan.

My business details and owner details have been submitted to the bank, and I will be submitting the further details as well as and when the time comes.

The business that I am planning to start is wholesale of clothes from different parts of the world, and hence after this loan approval, I will be getting approval from the import and export department as well.

I thank you for your co-operation and help in loan disbursal. 


Thank you for loan disposal for opening a new business

Template: 5

Thank you for the loan disbursal to pay school fees 

Hello Sir/Mam,

I am extremely thankful to you for the approval of my loan. As I have already submitted my unemployment certificate, you must understand that it has been extremely difficult for me to pay for my kids’ tuition fees for the last 3 months, and now with this loan amount, I will be able to pay all the dues of their school and their studies will go unaffected. 

I promise that I will abide by the rules and regulations of the bank to pay back the whole amount, and also as collateral, I have already furnished the papers of my house. But I promise that the situation won’t come and you will receive the installments on time. 

I am grateful to you and your bank for being kind and cooperative.


hank you for loan disbursal for the purpose of paying school fees 

Template: 6

Thank you for loan approval for medical treatment

Hello Sir/Mam,

This confirmation of loan approval has come as such big relief for me and my family, as we have already exhausted our medical insurance claim and savings. 

My father is suffering from “pulmonary heart disease” and has gone through two open-heart surgeries, and this is his last and final surgery to get cured with a life extension of at least 10 years.

This amount will be a life savior from him, and it will bring happiness to our family. You already have the papers for collateral available with us, and also for the proof, we would be expecting a medical officer the inspection of my father’s health status.


Thank you for loan approval for medical treatment

Template: 7

Thank you for loan approval for personal reasons

Hello Sir/mam,

I know that you must be getting several such emails and letters every day, but still, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so kind and supportive because currently dealing with a huge mess in my personal life and this money is going to be used for the same purpose.

I am grateful that you have taken much less time to process y application, and I can’t thank you enough for this. 

I will make sure that the installments are paid on time and repay this loan within the stipulated time.


Thank you for loan approval for personal reasons

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