Absconding Employee Termination Letter Template

Often due to various reasons, companies need to fire people. Laying off employees is a tough call, but sometimes, it is the only available avenue. If such a situation has occurred at your company, you shall have to write a termination letter to the employee whose services you intend to terminate.

The tone of this letter should be formal. If you require guidance in writing this kind of letter, then you are at the correct website. Here you shall find all the help that you might require. 

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I am extremely sorry to inform you that I have to terminate your contract because of your unethical behavior. I have seen something good and lots of positivity in you at the time of the interview.  But right after your joining, your behavior is not appreciable. In the last sixty days of your joining, you were absent for your work, having false reasons.

You have a great responsibility for children’s future, neglecting them. Teaching is not an easy job. You have to be available for them during school and after school. They usually lose interest in the subject when their subject teacher is absent.

I don’t think you are comfortable with this job, and not even meant for teaching. I have already got a lot of complaints from parents regarding your behavior, and also, the other staff members are not feeling comfortable working with you because they have to complete your responsibilities without any fixed schedule. This is the only option I was left with, and feel it right to terminate your contract before it is too late. 

I hope that you will learn from your mistakes and will late repeat the same things in your next job. You should be very careful of everything once you have surrendered yourself to any institution. Hoping for a better future.



absconding employee termination letter

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