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Sample Authorization Letter – 7 Best and Unique Formats

It is not rare to find the sample letter for an authorization letter. In a simple word, it is a document in which one party transfers the authority to another party to accomplish a specific task.

A good example of an authorization letter is a direction to grant permission for performing a particular task. Here we have a number of authority examples in various industries and sectors.

Sample Authorization Letter

Sample Authorization Letter Sample 1


Subject: authorization letter to claim

Dear Mr. “Full Name”,

I, “Full Name”, hereby transfer authority to my wife (Mrs. “Full Name”) to make official choices regarding properties and sign and fill the documents on my behalf. In the upcoming month, she will claim my all banking Fixed deposits and other assets related documents on my behalf. In order to proceed the process, I am sending her along with all my ID proofs (necessary) for identification purposes.

I have told her to go to your office and meet you to verify all documents and collect the receipt from your office on 21st July 2019. This is my kind request to you please allow her to access all the services on my behalf on the basis of above ground. In case of any query please feel free to contact me on the number and the mail ID given below

123654700000 and [email protected]

Thanking you

Respectfully yours,

Name of Sender


Sample Authorization Letter Sample 2

Subject: Letter of Authorization to Act on Behalf of “Full Name”

Dear Ms. “Sender’s name”

I, “Full Name”, hereby provide authorization for our joint business “business name”, my business partner, to take decision and sign on my behalf in dealing the matters of my estate and business while I am out of station. The possibility of this letter of authorization to take decision on my behalf comprises any business management in real estate and business with no restrictions.

This authorization period will start on Date (dd/mm/yy), and end on date (dd/mm/yyI am assuring that during this period, I won’t be able to communicate with you as I will be out of the country due to personal reasons . 

Thanks and regards


Name of the sender


Sample Authorization Letter Sample 3

(RE: Letter of Authorization to Act

Dear “Full Name”

I, ”Name”, hereby  grant permission to act on my behalf with respect to making any and all real legal property related decisions. The maximum possibility of this letter of authorization incorporates dealing real estate transactions, paper work and client dealings.

This authorization letter will be in effect from 1st December 2019 to 30th January 2020 . In future, if you face any doubts or queries, please let me know via ph number 258456951 or given email id at the top.


Handwritten signature
any witness proof (if required)


Sample Authorization Letter Sample  4

(RE: Letter of Authorization to take decision

To whom it may concern

I, Full Name, hear by, announce that I am authorizing my daughter “Full Name” to act in fortnight meetings at the office to discuss and take decisions for various projects and events. Further, she is also authorized to ask the reports of the various ongoing work files from various departments. She can take necessary action at the part where she feels the adjustments.

This decision is taken because of my sickness and hence the letter will lose its effect as and when I recover and back in office.

Full Name


Sample Authorization Letter Sample 5 


Subject: authorization letter to claim

(Dear Mr Full Name

I, Full Name, hereby provide official Representative  approval to Ms. “Full Name” (My sister in law) to act as my representative to collect my driving licence  on my behalf. To expedite the identification verification process, I am incorporating a number of methods of identity, start and end date, in the following.

  • (Person :Sister in Law: ___________ )
  • (Identification Type: PAN CARD)
  • (Document Number- XX486)
  • (Method of Documents to Collect: Driving Licence)
  • Sample of hand drawn signature of the candidate

I permit the appointed Representative on my behalf to collect my driving licence from 2th may 2019 to 7th June 2019. If you have any query or doubts, please  contact me on given mail id and phone number in official hours (ph: 357951456,   [email protected])

(handwritten signature)
in case of any legal witness


Sample Authorization Letter Sample 6

To whom it may concern,

I, hereby authorize,  to act and receive the banking facilities (cheque) and sign for the fixed deposit papers  , on my behalf. I grant her full authorization to collect bank checks and FD papers and make any decisions in order to ensure the safety of my financial amount for the time being.

The validity of my permission for representative authority  is from (26th November 2019 to 5th December 2019 . In my absence , she is supposed to look after all my documents and other necessary packages as I am out of the country due to my personal reasons.

Moreover, I would like to clear this, she is not meant to take any other decision except mentioned in this letter.

Thank you so much,


Full Name


Sample Authorization Letter Sample 7 

Dear Mr. Full Name

This is to inform you that I authorize my brother, “Name of brother”, to take decisions on my behalf to manage all the legal financial transactions from Jan 6th, 2018 to Jan 20th, 2018 . Because, I am not in the city for two weeks  therefore, this authorization will be valid for two weeks only. My brother is not supposed to act beyond the points surpassing the mentioned details in this letter.

As this is the matter of legal responsibility. Hence, I received the signed acceptance letter of my brother to take care of my financial matter in my absence. So, it my request you also proceed for the next steps to transfer the authority.  

Your assistance is appreciated.


Name of sender

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