Sales Introduction Letter Template

A letter of introduction is a commonly used professional letter. You may write this letter to introduce a new product, a person, strategy or even a news outlet. The tone used in this letter is usually formal.

You should mention the brief details of the commodity that you want to introduce. The salient features of the same should be mentioned. In case of a letter of introduction for sales, marketing strategy and the sale pitch should be mentioned. 

Letter Template: 1







Dear [Recipient name]

I am (mention your name) working as a (mention designation) with (mention experience work) at (mention company name), which is specialized in marketing/sales and is verified for its work.

We have developed highly innovative strategies on (mention product/solution) for the (mention sector). Our research indicates that our (mention details here) is creative and unique and will offer a specific advantage over all available similar and competing (mention details of products or services). We estimate the hand value for any new launch (product/service).

We believe that this new (product/service) will give both of us the highest range of sales profit in the market.

We would like to proceed with the next step. We are ready to have a meeting with you at your office within (mention days). 

You can reach us at (mention phone number) or through an email at (mention email address). You can take a review of our portfolio at (mention website). We are looking forward to hearing from you.


[Sender name]

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