Recommendation letter for start-up- Sample Template




[Company name]


Subject: – Recommendation letter for Start-up

Respected Sir/Madam 

I am writing to recommend [Name] .I interviewed many candidates, but when I met with [Name], I saw the passion he/she had for entrepreneurship and intellectual curiosity, so I gave her/his an offer to join my team.

As I worked closely with [Name], I saw she/he also had a strong technology background. She/he led a technology project for us and also managing our developers. She/he is very polite and effective communicator. 

[Name] also helped me in my fundraising efforts as he/she represented [Company name] at meeting with investors and entrepreneurs at a start-up accelerator in [Place], led by our [mention details].

As the purchasing manager [Name] handled all the responsibilities as a complete professional. Projects  were successfully completed under critical budget and scheduling constraints. She/he followed through with strong negotiating methods with suppliers, expecting shipments, deliveries. She/he kept me and the project team constantly updated to the minute with project information. She/he defines hardworking in consideration of her time she put in after hours including working from home.


[Applicants name]

[company name]

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