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The owner is the most fundamental part of the organization. There is a change in the organization’s own; you must inform the employees immediately. You should also inform the employees about the necessary rules or regulations.

This letter template will make your presentation to the employees about systematically replacing the ownership. You must share how this change will make things in the organization better.

Letter Template: 1





Subject: letter to information regarding new ownership

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is intended to inform you that the ownership of our company has been changed.

Due to (mention reason) previous ownership member’s is not been able to continue his/her work with our company (mention company name). Because of the company rule, we cannot inform you of the reason for the change. 

As the old ownership is now not being able to work with us, so we got a new owner for our company name (mention name). Through their overall asset and their business, we have a deal with them (mention new ownership name). We believe this will bring a positive change to our business. 

From now, all the clients will be managed by (mention name). All the necessary details have been attached. Please find the attachment for your reference.

If there are any further formalities that need to be done, do let us know. You can reach us at (mention phone number) or through an email (mention email address). 


[Sender Name]

 employees of new ownership letter

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