Decline Training Offer Because the Present Job Is Better Letter Template

Sometimes you have to decline some training offer because the present job is better. Now in this situation, you must have to write a letter to send your message. Now here it’s important to frame your letter in such a way so that every point is clear to the receiver.

If you have faced any difficulties while writing your letter then now you can easily take help from our below sample letters regarding this topic. 

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to give fitness training to the students of your school but after considering your offer carefully I have decided not to accept this offer as the offer you suggested needs 6 hours a day of commitment but my present job wants only 4 hours per day.

It is more convenient for me to stick to my present job. I know that it will be great exposure for me to accept your offer but I have given my 2 years to my present institute and I am emotionally attached to the people there. I want to work for them a little longer.

This institute is neither so big nor offers me a huge salary but still, the people around here are so friendly also I share a special bond with students. It really takes time to adjust to a new place if you already work comfortably in your past job and also students face difficulties to cooperate with new trainers.

I am sorry for rejecting your offer as I am not in a need to join a new place and also I am financially sound. My present job has my heart and I did this job just because I got respect here and they need me more.

Salary is not everything you always want to have. I hope you will get a better trainer for your school as this school has a huge name. If you really want then I can visit your school on a weekly basis and can take extra sessions with students. 



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