Salary Negotiation Email – 8 Sample Templates

Salary negotiation is one of the most important thing which you need to dicuss with your current employer or the one you are planning to join in the recent times.

While you have worked for sometime it is important to take remuneration which justofoes your work and expereince and also it is very necessaaryt o be paid what youd eserve or else underpaid employees lose the value.

Be polite while discusing and try to get the best you think your deserve.

Salary Negotiation Email samples

Salary Negotiation Email Sample 1

Dear “Name”, 

I am excited to be offered the [Position] job at [Company]. 

As mentioned, my normal base salary is ($_______). This depends on the normal yearly salary scope of ($_______ to $_______) for this activity, just as [2–3 capabilities/abilities or outline of major past achievements]. This is debatable relying upon variables, for example, open doors for profession movement and preparing programs. 

Much obliged to you again for your offer. I anticipate talking with you further soon. 




Salary Negotiation Email Sample 2

Dear (Name), 

I’m amped up for the possibility of joining your group at [Company Name] as the  [Position Title]. 

With my aptitudes and rundown of major past achievements, I am sure that I will accomplish incredible outcomes for [Company Name]. Be that as it may, I might want to talk about base salary before I sign the offer. 

As indicated by my examination, the normal salary for practically identical situations in the [work location] region is in the average salary run. I might want to propose drawing the offer nearer to [proposed salary] in accordance with my abilities and the requests of this position. 

Much obliged to you again for your offer. I anticipate talking with you again soon. 




Salary Negotiation Email Sample 3

Dear (Name), 

I am eager to be offered the situation of [Position Title] at [Company]. 

In any case, before signing your offer, I’d prefer to talk about the base salary for this position. Despite the fact that [Company] is my first decision, I’ve gotten another employment proposition with a higher base salary ($______). 

I’m excited about the possibility of joining your group and would cheerfully acknowledge your offer in the event that you could coordinate this base salary. I comprehend that this figure might be over your arranged spending plan, yet I’m adaptable and ready to discover an answer that works for the two of us. 

Much obliged to you again for your offer. I anticipate talking with you again soon. 




Salary Negotiation Email Sample 4

Dear Name, 

I genuinely make the most of my job as “Position Name” here at “Company Name”. Over the previous year, I have increased a lot of experience working with “Manager’s Name” and the Marketing group. Not just have I had the chance to expand on my range of abilities, I’ve had the option to carry extra information to the table, remembering my work for the ongoing rebranding venture. 

As my job has adjusted since my underlying recruit, I am writing to demand a gathering to talk about my present pay. I esteem my situation inside the group and I anticipate carrying extra knowledge to our future undertakings. 

I would cherish the chance to meet with you to examine a salary increment. Unquestionably let me know when you may be accessible. I value your thought. 


Name of Sender


Salary Negotiation Email Sample 5

Dear “Name of Receiver”, 

Much obliged to you such a great amount for offering me the job of “Position name”  for “Organization Name”. With my experience, I’m certain I can contribute an extraordinary arrangement both to the group and to the organization overall. 

As you most likely are aware, I have a solid arrangement of work from my past fifteen years in the this business. While I am thankful for your underlying salary offer, I couldn’t want anything more than to examine a number that may better mirror my range of abilities and experience. 

Unquestionably let me know whether you’re available to the thought, and anticipate associating. 


Name of the sender


Salary Negotiation Email Sample 6

Dear ___________, 

I needed to catch up on our gathering a week ago with respect to my salary. During our discussion, we concurred that my position required a more prominent remuneration given the extent of work and my expert experience. We talked about a potential scope of $000 to $000, which is perfect for me pushing ahead. 

I would be glad to return to the discussion on the off chance that you have further inquiries concerning my solicitation. Once more, I genuinely value your time and thought. 

Warm respects, 

Senders Name 


Salary Negotiation Email Sample 7

Dear Mr. Selection representative, 

Much obliged to you for offering me the Assistant Sales Director position. I  want to communicate again that I am so eager to start working for your organization. 

Before I can acknowledge nonetheless, I would like to bring up the discussion about about the matter of remuneration. As we examined in the meetings, I have two a greater number of long periods of experience and formal preparation than you required part of the set of working responsibilities.

I have likewise exhibited my capacities in my last situation at my past organization by expanding deals in my division by 25% and by and by handled a few multi-million dollar deals. With my aptitude, a satisfactory salary would fall in the scope of $103,000-$112,000, somewhat higher than your idea of $94,000. 

I can absolutely observe a future for myself at the organization, and I’m certain that I can bring a ton of significant worth. I realize that we can go to a common concession to an adequate salary. 

Much obliged to you for your time, 

Potential Hire 


Salary Negotiation Email Sample 8

Dear Mr._______, 

Much obliged to you for offering me the business position. I’m amped up for Company Z and the commitment I can make here. 

In any case, I might want to talk about remuneration before I can acknowledge the offer. While Company Z is my first decision, I have gotten other employment bids that are offering me more pay. Truth be told, the most elevated offer is $7000 more than the idea from here with four extra excursion days from Company Y. 

I’m keen on Company Z and I would joyfully acknowledge whether you could coordinate what the other organizations are offereing. I comprehend that not all things can be practiced, yet I’m willing to be adaptable and locate a decent arrangement. I’m certain that I can make important commitments to the organization, and I trust we can go to a shared understanding. 

Much obliged to you, 

Potential Hire


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