Drafter Introduction Letter Template

Gathering drawings and specifications, calculating the material and equipment needs, setting up the production methods is what the duty of a drafter comprises.

If you have recently hired such a skillful person to work for your corporation or organization then you must be in the mind to introduce that individual to the entire team next. I have written a nice sample introduction letter for this, having a look at which you will be able to frame yours with total ease.

Letter Template: 1

(Mention the sender’ name)

(Mention Job Title)

(Mention Company name)

(Mention the Date)


(Mention the recipient’ name)

(Mention the Job Title)

(Mention Organization’ name)

Subject: Introducing the new Drafter

Dear (recipient’ name),

This letter is being written to you to introduce [mention the full name] who will be working as our next drafter of [mention the name of the company or organization]. He is a smart, meticulous, perseverant, and sincere young man.

With the help of CAD software, he will be creating detailed designs, calculating weight limitations, dimensions, and requirements in materials, designing maps, layouts as well as diagrams to illustrate workflow, redesigning products to improve functionality.

Identifying the potential operational issues, ensuring that the final designs comply with quality standards and regulations, and creating manuals that define the existing products’ features, maintenance, and operation.

He will be working under you and cooperating with a team of engineers and architects and will be playing an important role in helping you build secure, functional, and well-designed structures and products that meet the needs of the company.

If you want to connect with him then you can call him at [mention the contact no.] or you can mail him at [mention the email ID] and if you want to know any more details, you are most welcome to get in touch with me.

We are looking forward to your happy collaboration with him as we await his arrival impatiently.

Best of luck!

Thanking you


(Your signature)

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