Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance – 7 Samples

While we work, we all establish a network of the same type of people and also get the opportunity to interact with each other’s team, during which we realize that there are some employees in each team who are extraordinary and are brilliant in what they do.

In that case, you can reach out to their respective manager or directly to them telling them how you appreciate their way of working or their attitude. This boosts the morale of the employee and they will work even harder because who doesn’t like appreciations.

Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance

Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 1

Dear Mr. Crane, 

I am composing this letter to tell you the amount I value the reliably brilliant work of your top phone agent, Sarah Cunningham. She has an uncommon ability in managing individuals, and in 12 years of managing this division, she is the best agent I have ever had the delight of regulating. She has been with the company for a long time, has never been out wiped out, is sorely missed when she gets away and consistently has a sprightly aura. 

There are normal clients who bring in and request Sarah by name. They are eager to look out for hold to have the opportunity to submit their requests with Sarah, rather than being helped quickly by another agent. She has an astonishing memory and realizes our product offerings all around. She is the best agent with regard to upselling our items.

Sarah has an uncanny capacity to understand clients and comprehend what sorts of extra items to offer to them. Despite the fact that she is by a wide margin the top delegate, she is modest, benevolent and very popular and regarded by her associates. She is one of my mentors and makes a fantastic showing of working with new contracts to prepare them to handle approaches their own.

Sarah is actually never feeling awful and appears to really make the most of her activity. I wish I could clone her and fill the call place with 1,000 Sarah’s. I wanted to make you mindful of Sarah’s staggering activity performance, and expectation that you will address her by and by next time you visit our office. 


Karen Franklin 


Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 2

Hello Sarah,

I want you to realize you have an uncommon employee, Jane Doe, in your support division. Her quiet, understanding manner was incredible assistance to me when my disappointment was at a record-breaking high. Her insight into the software and her momentous critical thinking capacities are uncommon in reality.

On the off chance that the nature of a firm’s employees means that future achievement, then Doe Corporation has an extremely splendid future. 



Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 3

Hello Sailey,

I am writing to thank you for the preparation workshop you arranged and to particularly thank you for sending Mr. Doe to be our essential instructor. He got his work done well and was more mindful of our needs than any of our past instructors.

We value the time he took to examine tests of our work in advance so his remarks were quickly relevant. We would invite his guidance once more. It would be ideal if you pass on our thanks to Mr. Doe. 




Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 4

Hello Anthony,

As manager of our PC office, I laud your employee, John Doe, for the brief and obliging assistance he gave us a week ago. He decided our link needs and delivered a reasonably composed gauge rapidly.

When he began the work, he remained on the spot until he had introduced every one of extra PCs. You can be sure that we will request him actually to serve our future needs. 




Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 5

Dear Suzanne, 

I am composing this letter to compliment you on your difficult work during the advancement of our new brand and planning the entire promoting effort.

I should make reference to that the difficult work which you have placed in the dispatch of our new brand has given us a gigantic reaction and the credit for this goes to you. You have worked even on Saturdays to plan the crusade and have executed the equivalent in a professional manner. 

I, in the interest of the management of UVA Advertising, might want to offer you a reward of $4000 and wish that you will keep up the indistinguishable soul in our other brand launchings from well. 

Congrats indeed. 

Yours really, 

Richard Lewis. 


Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 6

Dear Sir/Madam: 

We want you to realize that we genuinely value the outstanding assistance your company has given us.

We are truly intrigued by the responsiveness with which your kin completed our work before the cutoff time. Complying with time constraints is extremely important in our business and that is the reason we need solid specialist organizations like you. We will prescribe your administration to others. 

We anticipate proceeding with our business relationship. 


(Handwritten mark) 

Your name 


Compliment Letter to Employee for Work Performance Sample 7

Dear Mr. Kimberley 

Hi. My name is Susan and I work in bookkeeping. I heard through the rumor factory that you are hoping to advance somebody and I realized I expected to think of you this letter. 

My associate Victoria Kimball is all that you would ever want from an employee. She is consistently on time she never leaves early and she accomplishes commendable work while she is here. It is evident to both me and to the remainder of our associates that she has a characteristic ability for what she does.

Her customers love her and do as well. In addition to the fact that she does incredible employment herself she enables all of us to do our best as well. She is constantly playful and cheerful which places our entire office feeling incredible each time. She rushes to help with whatever we need regardless of what it is. She is entirely reliable trustworthy kind and hardworking. 

As you are thinking about who to give this advancement to please think about Victoria. She is a fantastic employee and she unquestionably merits this. You would not think twice about it. 

Earnestly Yours 

Susan George

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