An Appointment Letter For Brand Ambassador

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Sub : Appointment letter for brand ambassador

Dear Sir,

We are privileged that you have shown interest with us and accepted out proposal to leading from front as the brand ambassador of our company [Company name]. We are pleased to inform the company has confirmed your appointment at the said post. 

As our company [company name] builds market presence on a global scale, we believe you can help drive awareness of the amazing features of our platform. You posses much experience as a very famous social artist, social media influencer and coordinator of some other branded promotions as well. We have known about your skills related to special events management through leadership roles at various platforms. 

We are fortunate that you are undertaking the brand ambassadorship of our brand. The brand [name of the brand] shall grow new heights when led ahead by you. We expect wholehearted devotion from your side too for the upliftment of our newly launched brand.

If you have any questions or queries at any time, you can directly contact the HR department accordingly. We are also here to look forward to successfully solve all your problems. If unsolved you can further reach us at [phone number] or mail us at [email address].

We wish you the all the very best. Looking forward to years of successful and fruitful cooperation in future.



(Name of Officer)


(Brand Name)

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