Receptionist Appraisal Letter: 2 Template

Though the main job of a receptionist might be answering visitors’ inquiries about a corporation or its product and services, directing them to their destinations, such a job requires a great deal of patience and great positivity from one’s end.

If you are in the mind to create a nice appraisal letter for such a person working for your firm then make sure to go through this sample letter written by me as going through it you can frame yours with total convenience.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the Sender]

[Mention the name of the Company of the Sender]


[Zip Code]


Phone Number:


Subject: Appraising Your Performance as A Receptionist

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee],

You have been a spontaneous and active member of the [Mention name of the company or organization] in recent years [mention years or months]. You were very much confident regarding your skills and knowledge from the very first day of your joining the company [mention name of company or organization].

Being an experienced receptionist with numerous achievements during the course of your career, you proved to be the perfect fit for the role. You have always brought to the table an excellent experience of providing key office support while greeting and scheduling customers thereby maximizing efficiency and productivity.

From managing multi-line phone calls and resolving customer inquiries to scheduling appointments and providing outstanding customer services, you have excelled in prioritizing tasks, collaborating with staff, and implementing highly effective organizational processes.

There are many times that you have been lauded as a consummate professional, a hard worker, and an exceedingly competent employee that requires little to no supervision by the company. This is because you possess a warm and pleasant attitude that not only helps to make you easy with work but also reflects well on the company as we receive clients and customers.

You are very dedicated to your work because there are times we have seen that you used to double or triple check all items related to expenditures and company planning in order to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to sensitive items.

Not only your colleagues but also your seniors have appreciated your hard work and professional behavior. They really liked your company as you always try to encourage and motivate them under any circumstances.

Lastly, to conclude, you have done more than enough for the company so thank you once again and we wish you all the best for the future.

Best Regards,

[Mention the name of the sender].

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Letter Template: 2

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the name of the company of the sender]


[Zip code]


[Phone Number]


Subject: Appraising Your Performance as A Receptionist

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

We have always considered you to be a valued member of [mention the name of the company or organization] who has been working with us for now [mention the no. of years]. We found you to be enthusiastic, hardworking, a happy soul with positive energy around her always. We are delighted to have had your service for so long and we hope to continue with you in the future as well.

You never cease to amaze us with your abilities like excellent written and verbal communication skills, multitasking and prioritizing work, ability to work under pressure, great attention to detail. We are able to depend on you and trust you that the job assigned to you will be done on time without fail.

We are glad to see that you have achieved all your tasks successfully including the times when you demonstrated proficiencies in telephone and front desk reception within a high volume environment, led clean up of company database and files, a restored organization to personnel, financial, operational records and accelerated data input, processing and retrieval times.

You have constantly managed to get praises from directly the management for the quality and timeliness of reports, attention to detail, and a very optimistic attitude. We are really proud of your exemplary customer service especially the times when you calmed upset or angry clients rapidly solved the problems and rebuilt the client’s trust.

The only area where you need to spare an extra amount of time is your time management skills, improving which we believe; you have the ability to work wonders.

Keep up the good work!


[Mention the name of the sender]

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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