An Appointment Letter To Employee As Temporary Employment

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Subject: Appointment Letter As Temporary Employment

Dear [Name of Applicant],

It gives us immense pleasure to confirm your temporary employment as [JOB TITLE] in [Name of the company] effective from [start date] to [End date]. Your appointment strictly adheres to the tenure of your availability for our organization. We are excited to have you on-board and look forward to joining us from the effective Date [Date].

As you are a temporary employee, you won’t be given any prior training as you are expected to work immediately from the effective date. In case you want some information about the work, you may contact our appointment officer [NAME].

As a temporary employee, you won’t be getting the privileges of a permanent employee of the organization such as sick leave, annual leave, additional perks etc. The benefits office will contact you if you are determined to be eligible for any coverage. On the Date of joining, you are required to carry all the essential documents. It is best expected for you to arrive in formal attire. 

We are looking forward to your joining, and we hope that you work hard and give your full potential during your appointment with the organization.  We [company name] promise our further support required during onboarding. Once again, congratulations and welcome for being a part of our extended family of [company name].

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender + Position)

Thank you. 

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