Virtual Assistant Appointment Letter Template

This sort of letter is usually written by an individual to the Hiring Team or the Human resources Manager in order to recommend a candidate of their choice to fill the job vacancy of Virtual Assistant.

You should write this in a formal tone. In this letter, you should briefly introduce your candidate and state the qualities that set him apart from the rest. You shall mention his past work experience, his professional qualification, and educational background, and any certifications that may have been completed by him. 

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Mention your name


Your company’s name

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Concerned person,



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Subject: Appointment Letter for The Post of Virtual Assistant

Dear Sir/Madam,

Congratulations! We are happy to inform you about your selection as a Virtual Assistant in our organization. With reference to the last round of interviews conducted on (mention the interview date), you have been appointed in the position of Virtual Assistant and your joining will be effective from (mention the joining date) at (mention the joining time).

You will be given a monthly salary package of (mention the salary amount) plus additional benefits in form of incentives.

We will also support you with necessary reimbursement related to official expenses (related to phone bills and internet connection).

You will be serving a probationary period of (mention the time period in months and weeks) and for that, you have to report to our office in person to attend the training of (mention the numbers of hours). During the training period, you will not be permitted to take any leave in case of extreme emergency. 

 We verified your profile related to your past experience in the other companies and accordingly, we understand that you will be a valuable team member for us in terms of your immense talent, knowledge, and skill set. 

As per the responsibilities as Virtual Assistant for our company, you will be operating on a remote basis for (mention no of working hours).

You will be responsible for fixing appointments for business meetings or webinars, making and receiving phone calls from customers and clients, arranging business tours, maintaining emails, and responding to the queries or complaints of the clients or customers.

You will have to keep the track records of the clients on the spreadsheets and prepare and submit the reports on a regular basis. We are hopeful that you will be able to prove your best as per your ability and maintain healthy professional ethics along with team members. 

Before signing the copy of the Appointment letter along with the enclosed documents, please read the pages very carefully. We as an HR team are there to resolve your doubts and queries if any. So, do feel free to contact us and express your opinion. 

We are looking toward a wonderful and profitable future with you! 

We are congratulating you again on your appointment as a Virtual Assistant in (mention the name of the company).

With Regards,

Thanking You,

Your Name,


Company’s Name,

Office Contact No.:

virtual assistant appointment letter

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