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Subject: Letter to welcome the IT Consultant

Dear (Name of the recipient),

We welcome you to (mention the company name and details). Thank you for choosing us to start a beautiful journey with us as our new IT consultant.

We are excited for your arrival in the company as it will be an absolute pleasure to have someone with excellent communication skills, a good academic record, and relevant experience in the field to serve us.

You are expected to join us on (mention the date) at (mention the time). We are expecting to see you in the business casuals for the new employee orientation meeting.

HR will guide you in detail about the company policies, the work culture, organizational procedure, and the benefits. Your arrival is highly anticipated by our team members who look forward to introducing themselves to you.

As the new IT consultant of the company, you are most welcome to give any new suggestion on how to do a specific task efficiently. We always encourage valuable suggestions and advice from our employees. We expect you to perform exceedingly well and prove to be a valuable asset to the company.

In case you seek additional information about your new job role in the company or want to express your concerns regarding anything else, you are most welcome to call me at my contact no. or alternatively, you can drop a mail if that is more convenient to you.

We are looking forward to years of success and positive working relation with you.

Thanking you

With best regards,

(Hand-written signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

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