Welcome letter for Safety manager

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Subject – Welcome Letter for Safety manager

Dear [mention the full name of the recipient],

 We are pleased to inform you that you have been recruited for the position of Safety manager at [mention the full name of the entity] and you are expected to join the [mention the relevant entity type] on [mention the relevant date].

Your role will be to devise safety regulations to be followed by all the employees of the [mention the entity type] to ensure that the risk of injuries or accidents is minimized.

All the safety rules and regulations put forward by you have to be reviewed and approved by the management committee to implement them.

Further, you are expected to be considering the nature of the business while deciding on the safety protocols so that there is no adverse effect on the business as a result of the said protocols.

However, if the safety protocols frequently fail to protect the staff then you can be asked to vacate your position.

So you are expected to keep that in mind and be diligent towards your work and be a responsible employee of the [mention the relevant entity type].

With regards,

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