USPS Christmas Letters: 4 Templates and Emails

During the time of Christmas, we send greeting cards and letters to our friends and family members. We surprise them with different gifts. Children write letters to Santa Claus with lot of expectations. They have an idea that Santa Claus comes all the way from the North Pole to distribute gifts to them. United States Post Office distributes the letters sent by the children to charitable organizations to respond to the letters and also send gifts to children. 

Letter Template: 1

USPS Christmas Letters

My Dear Child,

Wish you Merry Christmas, my dear child!  You are my favorite child!

I am happy to receive your letter today. I will definitely fulfil all your wishes as you have asked me. I have read your letter thoroughly, dear. I found that you love and care for an old man like me. 

As you have asked me in the letter whether I have my food and sleep on time, I do it on a regular basis, dear!  And it is winter season and I do come all the way from North Pole by riding in the carriage drawn by reindeer, I do take special care about myself.

Moreover, winter is not a struggle for me because I belong to North Pole and the climate in the North Pole during summer is not really warm.

But I must advice you dear child that you must take care of yourself during the winters. You must not eat food from the restaurant. You must eat food whatever mother prepares for you. 

I am quite happy to receive chocolates from you. I have enjoyed eating all those chocolates. Thank you very much!

For you dear, I have baked some muffins, pastries and cookies in the oven of my house. I am bringing it for you. You will receive them any time of the day. 

I am also happy to find that you are doing well in your studies. Congratulations dear, for this reason, I am sending a special gift for you along with the pack of cakes and muffins. You have to find it! It is a big surprise for you!

You must write a letter after you receive the gift! I am really happy with your behavior towards your parents and teachers at school. I am impressed with the way you help your mother in the kitchen. 

I wish you Merry Christmas and Have Great New Year ahead! Besides, you will always have my love and blessings!

With Love 


Yours Loving 

Santa Uncle

USPS Christmas Letters

Letter Template: 2

USPS Christmas Letters

Dear Child,

This letter goes out for everyone in your family to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead! I am delighted to receive your letter and get good news about your excellent performance in your academics. 

My dear child, I cannot describe how much I am feeling happy for you. In fact, it is not a surprise for me. You have been always the best student of the school.

I know that it had been long term waiting for you. In fact, I was also getting restless to come to your house and give you the Christmas and New Year blessings.

Even if you had not sent a letter to me then also I could have heard your wishes through prayers. It is because you are my dear child. I do have so many children waiting for me all across the globe. Every day, I actually get billions of letters coming from different parts of the globe. 

I have carried all the toys, story books, cakes, puddings, chocolates and new dresses for all my lovely children. You are just one of them. 

I can come any time of day to drop the gift. I will ring the bell. But you will not be able to see me when you will open the door. But you will find a huge pack wrapped in red paper and ribbon in the garden. Do not try to search for me. 

The moment I will drop the box, I will be gone. But then yes, you can send anything through post. It will come straight to me. 

I do not need any return gift dear. The only thing I always look for is your love, affection and respect and you always do. I am quite overwhelmed. 

Don’t worry. I will come next year again with something very new that you never expected. You must do your studies well and keep behaving well with everyone, helping and respecting your parents and teachers.

With Lots of Love 



USPS Christmas Letters

Letter Template: 3

USPS Christmas Letters

My Dear Child,

Firstly, I must congratulate you for becoming an elder sister. I am really happy that you have got a lovely and cute little brother. You have lot of responsibilities now as an elder sister. You should take proper care of your little brother.

You will be happy to know that I am sending a gift for your little brother. You will come to know once you get the gift pack. You will get the gift pack in the next morning on Christmas morning! 

I am really happy and excited to receive your Christmas card and a lovely letter. I was not expecting chocolates, yet you have send it, I am really happy for it. But you would not have to worry about sending any gift. In fact, it is my duty to send you gifts or whatever you are looking for.

 I am there to grant your wishes and make your life fairy tale like with dolls, toys and beautiful story books with colorful pictures and beautiful fairy dresses.

You are my lovely child for whom I would like to always care for. You are princess for me. This is the reason I am sending something special for you. It is the one you have always expected to wear. 

It makes me happy to know that you are doing extremely well in your studies and also helping your mother at home like a responsible elder daughter. 

 I understand that you wait for this beautiful day of Christmas and New Year, You must enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family members during this period. It is the time of festivity.

You must visit church and pray to Lord God for all the good things that you want from Him for yourself and family members. Now, you have a baby brother. You must always take care of him. I pray that God to be beside both of you and your parents and protect you and give you all riches, happiness and comfort!

God bless you all of you! It’s time to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love and Blessings 

From Your 



USPS Christmas Letters

Letter Template: 4

USPS Christmas Letters

Dear [name of child],

Christmas and New Year is a period of making merry and sharing love, joy and happiness with everyone.

Child, I am really happy to know that you have distributed all your old toys, books and clothes for the poor and needy that do not have proper shelter. I am proud of you, dear. You must not stop this charitable work. You must keep the continuity of it. 

In fact, doing charity gives a lot of satisfaction. It makes you a better human being. 

You are my favorite child and I have a special surprise for you on the day of Christmas. You will receive the gift that you had been looking for it. I can read your thoughts. I can understand what you look for even though you do not express in writing. 

I have got your letter last week and I have read it thoroughly. I have come across the things that you have requested for. You will surely get those things. Apart from all these things, you will get something special from me.

After all, it is Christmas and it comes once a year. Just wait for auspicious day! You will find it hidden behind the Christmas tree in your garden!

Child, I know how much you work hard for your studies and also do household chores to help your parents. I am really happy about it. You must keep it up!

I am happy with your behavioral conduct at school and at home. You always obey your elders and take care of your little siblings. You must always teach them the right values and also help them in their studies. There will be surprises for them too! This letter written by me goes out for them also. I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

I will surely come next year like the way I have always come during every Christmas!

With Blessings and Love 

From Your Loving 


USPS Christmas Letters

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