Christmas Letter to Friends: 5 Templates

Christmas is the biggest festival of the year. Around this time of the year, we meet all our near and dear ones and if we are not able to meet them we send them gifts, letters, and whatnot.

Usually while writing a letter on the occasion of Christmas you send them good wishes, wish them luck, success, and happiness in the coming year.

Also with Christmas wishes you people wish people good holidays and wishes for the new year in advance. The letter should be full of good words for wishes and also with the words of enthusiasm.

Template: 1

Christmas Letter to Friends Samples

Hello my dear Rosy,

I feel great while writing this to you. The season of festivities has come and I wish that you spend the best time with your family and friends. It’s been a very long since we celebrated this festival together but I wish that we just keep in touch and our bond continues to grow. May this year’s Christmas gives you the best present of your life and you keep smiling.

I wish that you and your family stay hale and happy throughout the year. Have a blast at Christmas and enjoy every moment of the festival. We all wait for this whole year and I wish that you don’t miss a single moment of happiness.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year
Your friend

 Christmas letter to friends

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Template: 2

Dear friend,

I am writing this to you on the very occasion of the biggest festival of the year, which is Christmas. Hope you have reached your native and met all your family members there.

This festival is a time of meet and greets of the families who stay far away from each other and this makes the festival even more important for all of us.

We are all kids of Jesus Christ, so don’t forget to visit the Church and pray for the goodness in everyone’s life. I know how much you love the Christmas cake made of dates by your mother and this time don’t forget to bring it for me also.

With Christmas, also enjoy your new year with lots of parties and family time. Remember the festivities adds positive vibes to our lives also they gave us the opportunity to again get in touch with our families, so just enjoy the time and click a lot of pictures.

Merry Christmas my dear.

Regards& Love


 Christmas letter to friends

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Template: 3

Sample Christmas Letters to Family and Friends

Hello Cherry,

WInters have come and so has Christmas. I know you must be busy decorating the Christmas tree in the nearby church. I have seen you doing services in Churches throughout the year and your enthusiasm has inspired me a lot.

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I want to wish you and your whole family merry Christmas.

Christmas is the festival which we all eagerly wait throughout the year, for the church sessions, date cakes, and oldest wine bottles to open. I know you must have already started taking orders for the cakes.

You are one of the people who think about others first and then about yourself. You are a great person and this Christmas I want to ask Jesus to bless me to also become somewhat like you.

My wishes are with you and enjoy your holidays in the best possible way. 

Love& Wishes


 Christmas letter to friends

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Template: 4

Christmas Letter to Best Friend

Hello Tim,

It’s that time of the year again when the whole city is lit just the way you love it. I first saw all that through your words years ago and came to the city with the excitement to see that and then one Christmas that we spent together changed it all for me.

I am sure that you must be currently arguing with your daughter about how to decorate the tree and it must be a delightful sight for me. I wish you many many happy returns of Christmas and new year.

I know you will be sad to hear this but I won’t be able to make it to the Christmas dinner as I am leaving for China for an urgent business deal and will be there on Christmas, though I feel that we will celebrate the new year together and I promise I will come home with a bottle of Champagne to make it up for you.

Till then accept my apologies and love and happy wishes for Christmas.

Merry Christmas my dearest friend.



 Christmas letter to friends

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Template: 5

Hello, my best friend,

I regret to inform you that I will not be coming home this time on Christmas as I have planned a solo trip to Iceland so I am leaving tomorrow and will spend a week there and then will be back after the Christmas holidays are over.

I know this must be disappointing for you as we have celebrated Christmas together for so many years together that being separate on that day isn’t really a good feeling but trust me I will make it up once I am back.

I wish you all the happiness, success, and prosperity. This time I have planned a surprise for you as well and hence please be available in cafe Buns and Bunny at 7:00 pm on 25th. I am sure that you will love the surprise and hence your Christmas will be the best that you ever had. Other than this I wish that you have the best Christmas dinner and don’t forget to pray to god for everyone’s happiness and that peace prevails in the world.

Enjoy your Christmas my buddy and don’t forget to go to the cafe I mentioned. I will be back in the evening of the new year and then we will definitely do something very fun. Enjoy your lone time for the first time. I hope you grow and get all the success.

Regards& Love


 Christmas letter to friends

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