Senior Editor Recommendation Letter Template

We are here to provide you a proper help while writing some letters, speeches according to your demand. Now in the below sample letters, we have covered the topic of recommendation letters for the position of senior editor.

Before writing your letter you just follow these and make a proper format according to your own demand, but while writing you must have to include all the points and also you can add some words to express your views.

Template: 1

[Mention your Name]

[Mention Job Title]

[Mention Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]

[Mention the Phone number]

[Mention the Email]

[Mention the Date]

[Mention Addressee’s Name]

[Mention Job Title]

[Mention Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]

[Mention Phone Number]


Subject- Recommendation Letter for Senior Editor

Dear [mention addressee’s Name],

I am writing this letter to recommend you a person whose name is (mention the name) and who is great at her work and is a perfect fit for the role of Senior Editor in your company (mention the company name).

She has 5 years of experience in publishing with some specific experience in reporting, writing, and editing as well. She has a good understanding of publishing production which is his plus point.

As I have heard a lot of her from my close friends and from his colleagues of the previous company (mention the previous company) who really appreciated his work. With that, she has a positive attitude and really loves the work she does.

So I would definitely like to recommend her to you as you will love to have such a talented person in your company. 

So without thinking much, I will highly recommend her to you and wish you all the best for your company.

If you need any more details about her, you can contact me at my office number here (mention the company’s Number) as I will be there to help you clear all your doubts or you can even send her an email directly at the (mention email id). 

Thank you for your trust  


[Mention you’re Name].

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