Recommendation For Green Card Letter Templates

When you are writing a letter of recommendation for someone for a green card, then ensure that your letter talks about how long you have known this individual, whether he or she is a responsible citizen, whether he or she holds a good character, further stating why do you think he or she deserves to live in the country permanently.

You can also take references from this useful sample letter of mine if you want as having a look at it; you will be able to write yours conveniently.

Letter Template: 1

[Your Name]


[Address, Zip Code]




U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services

[Addressee’s Name]

[Officer Title]

Sub- Recommendation for the green card.

Dear [Addressee’s Name],

This letter references [Person’s Name] for a Green Card. [He/She] holds the case no [Number].

[Person’s Name] is from [Name of Country]. I have known [Him/her] for a couple of years as [He/She] works with me in [Company Name].

[He/She] is a responsible citizen with zero criminal background and honorably serves this country. But now [He/She] needs a permanent citizenship for continuing [His/her] job.

In addition to this, [He/She] is married to a US citizen who was born and brought up in this country only. [He/She] is an honest [Man/Woman] and has love and respect for this country. [He/She] always follows the rules and regulations of this country.

I strongly believe that [Person’s Name] deserves to be a Green Card holder to have permanent residence in this country, and I am hopeful that this letter of recommendation will help your decision in considering [His/her]  application for a Green Card.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Signature].

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