Daughter On Wedding Day letter: 8 Templates

Template: 1

Daughter On Wedding Day letter

Dear [Your daughter’s name],

You have fulfilled our dreams by taking birth in our family on [mention your daughter’s birthday] and making us your pride parents; you are our firstborn, and I will never forget the day you were born.

The journey of life had indeed started then, and it is moving on. I am thanking God for every moment, and I felt the Almighty’s presence in every thick and thin phase of our lives. Your arrival on this Earth had actually ignited a new ray of hope during our struggling days. As an infant, you never really gave me a hard time tackling you.

You had been a loveable daughter, sister, and darling granddaughter of both the paternal and maternal parents. You had never let any of our family members down by craving toys or luxurious accessories. 

 As a father, I felt responsible to raise you like a princess of any royal family and give you the best things in life. On [mention the wedding date], you are getting wedded to the man of your dreams. It is your good deeds that have helped you to get the right partner. Your sincerity, dedication, love, and affection are actually paying you back with good returns.  I congratulate you and bless you with Happy Married life and prosperity.  

In every step of life’s journey, you had given us proud moments. I am thankful to God for the moment when you actually succeeded in passing the High School Diploma with the highest grades in each subject. I will never forget the day when you called us from your college and informed us about success at the graduation level. 

Since you will start a new journey with your life partner, you will never fail in tackling new challenges in your wedded life. I know that you will be able to tackle everything with your calm and poised nature. You will definitely become the best wife, obedient daughter-in-law, and wonderful mother for your children. 

Your mother and I would like to wish you again for Happy Married life. 

With lots of love and Loads of Good Luck,

Yours Loving Dad

letter to daughter on wedding day

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Template: 2

My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

Dear [Your Daughter’s name],

This is a letter from your Mom, who would like to wish you Happy Married Life in advance. Since you are getting married on [mention wedding date], it is making me very excited. It is because it has been not too long since the day you were born. It was on [mention your daughter’s birth date and year].

I just never could make out how time would fly, and you will grow into a beautiful young girl with dreams, desires, and expectations in her eyes. Like any other mother, I do also feel that you are still a small kid for me, and I do feel responsible to guide you in every step of life. 

Your father and I are both happy that you have chosen a wonderful life partner for yourself. Both of us have indeed become admirers of our future son-in-law. His calm and poised nature has actually won our hearts, and he is highly qualified, good-looking, and working in the position of [mention the designation of son in law]. He is a perfect match for you and an ideal son-in-law. What else we could have asked for? Dear [mention your daughter’s name], you have indeed made us proud. 

But with the wedding date approaching, your dad and I are feeling a little sad because you will be leaving your parents and starting a new life with your partner. But we are actually praying to God that everything should go smoothly.

But you must also keep this advice with you that there may be times when both of you would be struggling with one another. During those harsh moments, you must not lose control on yourself. Be patient, calm, and pray to God. Everything will be alright then.  

May both of you begin your journey of wedded life with the Almighty’s blessings. Our prayers are always there for you.

With loads of blessings and Good luck, 

From Your loving Mom and also Dad 

my daughter on her wedding day

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Template: 3

Letter to My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

Dear [Your Daughter’s name],

It is really a feeling of divinity for me and also your dad, who has raised you with love and care and watched you getting tying the knot with the person on [ mention the wedding date]  whom you love with your heart and soul. It will surely be a wonderful moment for us to see you step into a new journey as a wife and daughter-in-law of another new family.

We congratulate both of you on a happy married life, and we also wish the best of luck to your future in-laws. We are confident that you will never let anyone raise any complaint or raise any objection in your in-laws’ place. You are a mature and understanding girl, and I am confident that you will be able to handle everything with care, patience, and love. 

 Ever since the day you were born, you have filled our lives with full of excitement, positivity, dreams, and expectations. Your dad and I had actually prayed day and night to have a child-like you. You are a gifted daughter for both of us. As we have been raising you from the stage of infancy, you never argued or threw tantrums for anything.

You had always shown your adjusting nature with everyone.  We remember how teachers had all praised us for our academic performance and behavior. And then, as you had stepped into the college, how you had actually grown into a beautiful, mature, and responsible woman. These qualities of yours might have impressed your future spouse. 

We are sure that you will be able to carry on with your amazing qualities of yours in your married life. You must be also prepared for the transformations in your wedded life. It is not going to be the same every time. There may be times when you would not like certain things about your partner and also the moments when you would not really do without him. 

Do not lose your heart; we parents are always there for you as the best advisors and counselors. 

Wish you the best of luck for Happy Married Life.

From your loving Mom and Dad

letter to my daughter on her wedding day

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Template: 4

Letter to Daughter in Law on Wedding Day

My Dearest [name of your daughter in law],

Ever since my son, [mention the name of your son] was born to both of us; we always yearned for a beautiful, loving, and caring daughter-in-law. When I saw my baby boy for the first time, I just had the prospects of his life, and I just prayed to God that everything goes well in his life. I prayed that he accepts Christ in his life. Today, I find that my prayers have been answered by God. We could not have found a better life partner for our son. 

We were actually waiting for this special day to happen when we will be witnessing both of you exchanging vows on the altar in the Church. These vows will actually connect you with the almighty that will be there in every thick and thin of your married life.  Both of you will be making promises of loving and caring for one another.

We are quite eagerly waiting for the moment when both of you will be making promises of never-ending love by exchanging rings with one another. And then in the next moment, we will be witnessing both of you fulfilling the official paperwork formalities of marriage. 

We are confident that you are the one who will always maintain our son’s happiness. In fact, your father-in-law and I had entered into a new phase of life in the same way, and now the legacy will be carried forward by my son and you as our daughter-in-law.  

To tell you the truth, marriage is not all about the bed of roses; there will be thorns too in the form of obstacles. But it will be entirely up to both of you how to handle the thorns. 

But we are lucky to have you as our daughter-in-law and wife of our son. 

Always trust on God in every moment of life you spend with my son as a wedded wife. Our blessings are always there for you. 

With lots of love and prayers for you,

Your mother-in-law,

[Mention your name]

letter to daughter in law on wedding day

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Template: 5

Letter to My Daughter on Her Wedding Day from Heaven

My darling daughter [Daughter’s name],

Today, I may not be physically present and active in this world, but invisibly I am constantly watching you and the rest of my family members from heaven. I think that I have been the luckiest father on this earth and even after I passed away, I consider myself the most fortunate father as I have a wonderful daughter who is getting married very soon to the partner of her dreams. I thank God for it.

I may not be there physically walking down the aisle with you. But I will be there invisibly watching, taking vows with your future husband. I had always cherished this dream of seeing my only darling daughter dressed in a flowery wedding gown ornamented with platinum, diamonds, ruby, and emerald and beginning her new adventure of life. 

It will be a really proud moment for me to watch over you exchanging rings with the love of your life. I appreciate the life partner you have chosen. He is handsome, qualified, and seems to be caring and loving.

He will surely feel your life with whatever you had cherished. I am confident that you will be treated in the same way which you had actually experienced in your parent’s house. I remember how much I had worked day and night to raise you like a princess. I always yearned for the life of a princess for you wherever you get married and settle down. 

But sometimes, you may have to go through some challenges, some tough times; you must be well prepared to face it bravely. You must always trust in Christ because he will be your savior. Moreover, I will be always there with you. 

I pray to God that may your husband stand beside you in thick and thin and make the journey of marriage comfortable and smoother. 

Congratulations and blessings from

Your Father in Heaven. 

letter to my daughter on her wedding day from heaven

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Template: 6

Letter to My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

My dearest loving daughter [mention daughter’s name],

I as a mother along with your father congratulate you from the deepest of our hearts for a happy married life with [mention the name of your son-in-law] who would be your husband. I am thankful to God and support your opinion about getting married at the age of [mention the age]. In fact, this is the right age to get married, and you have taken the right decision. Both of us admire the fact that you have arranged everything on your own for the marriage ceremony.

We did want to help you financially for organizing the marriage ceremony but you never really asked for it.  We indeed consider ourselves very lucky because you never really gave any burden for anything. Instead, you had always taken initiative from our childhood days to share our burden. 

You are a gifted daughter for us. You have not been doing the duty of a daughter by helping me with household work, but you have taken the responsibility to manage the expenses of our family just like a son. What could we have asked for? I remember the days when I was hospitalized, and you have taken the responsibility for managing the household work, taking care of your father and my medication, and also doing your studies with great sincerity and dedication. 

 I do believe that you will be able to carry on with the same dedication; love and affection for everyone when you will be entering into a new phase of life with [mention your son-in-law].  

Our blessings will always be there for you and for our dearest son-in-law.

With lots of love,


Your Mom and Dad

letter to my daughter on her wedding day

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Template: 7

Letter to Daughter on Her Wedding Day

My dearest [mention your daughter’s name],

It seems to be not a day old for me and my husband when all of us traveled to Disneyland and enjoyed meeting everyone’s favorite cartoon characters. You were just [mention the age of your daughter]. You became so adamant at the time that you wanted to bring your favorite cartoon character to our home.

It was a funny situation for both of us as you thought the cartoon character to be a real one. As I go a little further back, we remember you trying to take your first steps and then falling down. Further back, it was an auspicious moment when you were born, and the doctor first gave you to me.

I just cannot explain the moment. It was indeed special for me as I had become a mother because of you. And so your father also felt the same way. You were the only source of happiness and more precious than the sun, moon, and stars in heaven. Ever since the day you informed us that you have found your life partner and planning to get married soon, we as parents felt ourselves in the seventh heaven. 

I remember the days when I used to read fairy tale stories and how you had actually desired to get married to a charming prince. And we think that [mention the son-in-law] has all those special qualities that you had always looked for and dreamt of. 

Your dad and I always pray that both of you have an ideal married life, just like any fairy tale marriage. We also hope that you will learn to adjust to difficult times and help your relationship with your husband, in-laws, and of course, your children grow successfully. 

May God bless you and fulfill your expectations. 

Wishing you the Best of Luck,

From Your 

Loving Mother

letter to daughter on her wedding day

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Template: 8

My Daugther on Her Wedding Day

My dearest daughter [mention your daughter’s name],

From the bottom of my heart, I, your mother am, congratulating you on the wonderful life partner you have chosen and wish you Happy Married life. [ mention the wedding date] will be a special day when I will see you decked up in a beautifully designed white wedding gown and decorated with diamonds and pearls and looking like a fairy princess and your father giving you a way to the bridegroom before you step on the altar.

I had been dreaming of this moment since the day you were born and when I found you in my arms. You came to this world [mention the years] years ago, but it seems to me that it happened yesterday. Within a few days, you will be leaving us and going to a new household with your life partner.

As a mother, I feel sad and happy. Tears come down my eyes when I think of you departing from us and yet happy because you will be starting a new life with your partner and in-laws and making a family of your own with joy, love, and care. May you enjoy every moment of your marital life and bring happiness to your husband and everyone in your new household.

Marriage is the most important phase of anyone’s life. It is a holy union of not only two beautiful souls but also the bonding of two families under the same umbrella. It is, of course, a journey with your soul mate. To make this journey of life successful, you need to fully trust in God.

Our prayers and blessings are always there for you and our son-in-law. 

Wishing you a Happy Wedding Day and Married life once again!

God Bless!

With lots of love and care 



my daugther on her wedding day

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