Letter to My Best Friend on Her Wedding Day: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Letter to my best friend on her wedding day

Dear [mention your best friend’s name],

Today is the biggest day of your life. I always imagined how you will look on your wedding day and I am sure you are looking like you always do an absolute witch [laughs]. Just kidding! I am sure you are going to be the prettiest bride people will ever see.

I know, I know, you are angry with me that I am not able to make it on the most important day of your life but you know, how it is here, I am as you have always called me [mention some job-related nickname she gave you]. I have been working hard and trying to support my family. As you already know the financial condition of my family, there is nothing hidden from you, my parents are totally dependent on me. Anyway, let’s leave all this, it’s your day and I want you to stay happy always.

How is [mention the name of her spouse] doing? I hope he is taking good care of you. He is a one really lucky man to have got a beautiful soul like you. No, I am not saying this because you are my best buddy, it is because you really are, you are kind, helpful, witty and of course, a gorgeous woman. By now tears must have started rolling down your cheeks, (see, I know you so well), but don’t. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I don’t wish to see you crying ever.

I hope you have a happy married life always. I will try to come there as soon as I get leave.

Always be happy,

Love you, sweetheart,

[mention your nickname by which she calls you]

letter to my best friend on her wedding day

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Template: 2

Letter to Bride on Wedding Day from Friend

Dear [mention your friend’s name],

Are you excited? I am sure you are! This is the day you have been waiting for all this while. I still can’t believe that you actually made it happen when we all knew that you getting married to [mention the name of her spouse] is so impossible!

Seriously babe! You always hated him. You remember our college days? The moment I used to take his name, you used to go crazy with anger, saying all the nasty things that one can just imagine! You evil little thing, you didn’t tell me when you started seeing him. I, out of all the people, got to know about him much later. 

But let me tell you a secret today which I have hidden from you as well. I have always known that you are going to fall for him hard someday. I mean, the way you used to talk about him, even though it was nothing good but you always seem to get so much affected by just the mere mention of his name or presence alone, when you were actually always a calm and composed person! I knew that you secretly had feelings for [mention the name of her spouse].

I am so glad that you are finally getting married to the love of your life after dating him for like [mention the time period]. I hope this day brings a new and fresh yet beautiful change to your life. I sincerely wish that both of you live a happy married life always and live in peace together, forever. I hope I get to see your baby soon [laughs].

[mention your name]

letter to bride on wedding day from friend

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Template: 3

To My Best Friend on Her Wedding Day

Dear [mention your best friend’s name],

The day has finally come! You have always been speaking about this day, planning it out, and saying what all you will be doing to make it memorable. You are finally getting married! Yeeehhh! I am so happy for you! 

Now that you will be a married woman, I am reminiscing the time when both of us were twenty-something with determination, fire, and passion in us to do something great and yet be reckless and casual about everything. Those days spent at the apartment, preparing for the exams, drinking beer, and yes, ‘the who’s dating who’ gossip! You have always been both, reckless about stuff and yet scored great during exams! I so envied that! [laughs].

You remember the day when I first met you outside the college campus? Who would have known that two different people would end up being the best of friends, wreaking havoc everywhere, playing pranks, spreading chaos [laughs again].Both of us have always been our biggest support system, staying together for [mention the no. of years], leaning on each other, looking after each other, celebrating each other’s success, and crying together when things went downhill. 

We truly have come a long way, isn’t it? I can’t believe that I am being so emotional on your wedding day, but then, I am just so happy for you.

A kind, lovely friend like you truly deserves all the happiness in this world and I pray for you that you always get what you want. I wish that you have a blessed, peaceful life always and God always keeps that smile intact on your face.

Stay happy,

[mention a nickname she gave you]

to my best friend on her wedding day

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Template: 4

Letter to Friend on Her Wedding Day

Dear [mention your friend’s name],

Finally! That day has come for which we all have been waiting! You are getting married! You! I mean, you have always been saying that you will be remaining single, and apparently, no one was good enough to win your heart [makes a face] but here you are! [mention the name of her spouse] did it!

You have always stayed either immersed in books or partying hard! You seriously had that kind of talent! But then whenever I used to talk about love, you used to change the topic, saying it’s a wastage of time, you would rather have a good time with a person, go to ‘’meet and forget’’ kind of dates. [Mention the name of her spouse] could do the impossible! He not just won your heart but also made you his forever!

This still feels like a dream to me but I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are finally getting married. It’s not just your family but I was waiting for this day as well and that too for a long time. You don’t know how much I have been worried about you, fearing that you are always going to live alone, fearing that you don’t know what you are missing in life, but [mention the name of her spouse] is all that I expected and hoped that you will find in your partner someday. I am so glad that you chose him.

I know those days of hanging out together won’t be exactly the same but then, we all can hang out whenever we get time. I seriously hope that you live a good life along with [mention the name of her spouse] and he always takes good care of you.

You are one beautiful person and your married life should be full of peace, harmony and happiness.

Have a great married life, once again.

[mention your name]

letter to friend on her wedding day

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