Wedding Congratulations Letter: 6 Templates

Marriage is a very big moment for both the bride and groom. It is very evident that people want all their loved ones to be present on this very big day. If any of your friends or family are getting married do not forget to wish them luck and a life full of happiness together.

It is possible that you might not be able to make it to the event so send them a letter and gift which will be useful for them when they start living together. This token of love will be appreciated by everyone and also give them tips for the future.

Template: 1

wedding congratulations letter

Dear John and Sarah,

Congratulations to the most adorable and delightful couple! This is just a little observation from us to permit you to know how overwhelmed we honestly are for you both.

Your wedding ceremony day is the best in the future in your lives, but it marks the start of your adventure collectively, your adventures to come, collectively!

You each met and located one another and have become a couple that compliments every other in the maximum inspiring manner – so right here, together with our congratulations, wish that we will be part of sending you on your way to constructing your lives together!

Over the years, where you will share in every other’s joys and times of problems that lifestyles bring, we desire for you that your love for each another simplest creates a glue

which strengthens the bond with age (like an awesome wine, maturing and just getting higher and better!).

We are positive you’ll be blessed with patience, joy, know-how, and an excellent feeling of humor to guide you thru. So a huge congratulations to a high-quality couple!

Much love
Thomas and Family

wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 2

wedding congratulations letter

Dear Derek,

As your wedding day approaches, I assume it is the handiest right that I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you and Catherine. It is fantastic to peer a couple collectively who are a lot in love.

We have enclosed a wedding present on behalf of people each. Just make sure that you open it earlier than you depart on your honeymoon; it will be of notable use to you.

We are delighted that you have located your perfect accomplice and we provide our desires for an extended and satisfying time for you each.


wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 3

wedding congratulations letter

Dear Catherine,

Heartiest congratulations on your wedding. I am sorry I was now not capable of attending the rite due to a work emergency. I was looking forward to being part of your joy but unluckily couldn’t.

I actually have known you for many years now, and I couldn’t be happier. You deserve only the quality, and I hope your life post marriage. You are blessed with such a supportive associate who makes your existence even better.

May you each hold shifting forward, and might your relationship keep flourishing. You are one of the sweetest couples I even have ever seen, and I hope it remains the equal during your life.

Yours certainly

wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 4

Wedding Wishes Congratulations Letter

Dear Mr.Ronald 

Heartiest congratulations to you on your marriage that came about on the 24th of January 2020. I could not make it to the function due to a few personal reasons and heard from our colleagues that everything went on well.

I am sorry for not attending your marriage and for no longer being beside you for your huge day. Hope you’ll forgive me and apprehend my problems. Congratulations yet again to you and your wife.

Now, that you have entered a new phase of lifestyle you may adopt additional responsibility. Have a satisfied married life and all the nice for your future lifestyles.

May God bless you with all the happiness in your lifestyle.

Thanking You

Yours truly,


wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 5

Wedding Wishes Congratulations Letter

Dear Mr. Reynold,

I am extraordinarily satisfied to convey my wishes on the event of the wedding of your elder brother, William with Michelle on Monday, the 8th of February 2020. May God bless them and provide them with all the happiness & a hit relationship.

I recognize you wanted me to be there anyhow for his wedding but because of some crucial meetings and paperwork, I had to go to Australia on 6th February. So it’s no longer feasible for me to be right here on the wedding day.

Please receive my deep apology for not attending an individual’s wedding due to this crucial enterprise work. My blessing will always be there with them on this occasion.

Yours Affectionately,

wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 6

Wedding Wishes Congratulations Letter

Dear Brad,

I received the invite for your wedding ceremony through e-mail for the duration of my leave duration and thank you for the same.

It is with delight that I am scripting this letter to convey my heartfelt congratulations to you for your marriage to Ms. Susan on 21 February 2020 May you’ve got an exquisite married life and remain soul-mates forever.

Although I tried my satisfactory to attend the wedding because you are certainly one of my oldest teammates, I couldn’t make it because of the positive urgent circle of relatives’ requirements.

I missed the occasion, but my good wishes will always be with you. I will call on you with my wife to provide our token of affection and blessings after your return from your romantic honeymoon trip.

Here is wishing you all over again the very first-rate glad married life. God bless.

With heat regards,


wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 7

Wedding Wishes Congratulations Letter

Dear Steve,

It offers me immense pride to deliver my wishes for the auspicious occasion of your sisters’ marriage.

I actually have recognized Kenny individually for the past 4 years, and I ought to say that he is one of the pleasant employees of our company, and I am privy to his character.

He is a completely spiritual person and a person who respects others’ views. He is someone who is favored by many for his behavior. His family is from a respectable historical past, and I am certain your sister would be very happy with him.

May God bless them two and they have a blessed happy married life.

I am keen and looking forward to attending your sisters’ marriage. As promised I will be there alongside my own family a week earlier than the marriage. Your sister constantly treated me as her very own brother and had asked me to be there for her marriage.

I am certain you will have already started out arranging for the marriage. I am eagerly waiting to sign up for you and assist you with the work.

With heat regards,

Cathy Monis

wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Template: 8

Marriage is a very important and beautiful moment in everyone’s life. If you have heard the news of your friend’s marriage, you must want to congratulate him with a proper message.

Here while writing this letter you have to use some specific words to express your feelings clearly.

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose some proper words to express the points in a proper format. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic for your help.

Friend’s Marriage Congratulation Letter



Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)



Subject: Congratulations on your marriage

Dear _____(couple’s name),

Many, many congratulations on this auspicious event of your life. A big start and a beautiful journey are waiting for both of you. I wish this journey of yours will be filled with lots of happiness and love. May you both have a blessed future ahead. 

Marriage is indeed the best part of everyone’s life. Hopefully, your future will be more comfortable as now you have got someone to be with you and support you at every stage of your life. It feels lovely to have someone to share our experience with. Now finally, you have got yourself that someone.

Marriage is all about a beautiful and sweet bond between two souls who decide to live for each other. It’s a bond full of purity, love, care, and lots of respect for each other. Marriage brings a whole new perspective to one’s self as we get someone to share our ideas with.

I hope you both find a way to overcome all the challenging situations and help each other become better and better every day. 

I am very happy for both of you. Once again, with best wishes, I congratulate you both and all the very best for your future.

Yours Truly,

(Name of the Sender)

wedding wishes congratulations letter

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Letter Template: 9

Congratulate on Daughter’s Marriage Letter

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

Dear [Name of recipient],

It gives me great pleasure to express my happiness about the news of your daughter’s marriage. Many congratulations to the family and the couple.

It was a great feeling to receive the information about your daughter’s wedding; they absolutely form a beautiful couple. Accept my best wishes and blessings on behalf of my family to your daughter and son-in-law.

I know it will be hard as your daughter starts a new phase in her life, but it is also a matter of great happiness as she finds her new home and lucky charm in her husband. Time passes away really fast; it feels like yesterday your daughter was given college, and now she got married.

The day you were thinking about for so long finally arrived. It must be a great feeling attending a successful wedding celebration and receiving people’s warm wishes. I enjoyed the wedding very much, and I felt delighted to see the couple as they took their new turn in life. 

Your dedication and love in upbringing your child finally paid off as she grew up to be a beautiful and strong woman.

Congratulations and best wishes once again, my dear friend on this joyous occasion, may your daughter have a prosperous and successful life ahead—lots of love, blessings, and hearty wishes to the beautiful couple. 

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

Thank you

congratulate on daughters marriage letter

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