Letter to Mom: 4 Samples and Templates

Template: 1

Letter to Mom

Dear mother,

How are you? How everyone is doing back at home? Is dad doing well now? The last time I went there, he had health issues. I have told him so many times not to engage in any more of that [mention the name] business but he just refuses to listen. Please take care of him. 

I know you are worried about me since it’s the first time I have been away for so long, in some other country but I have to be independent to take my own decisions and you know how much I love my freedom. Don’t worry! I have been eating and sleeping well. On [mention the day], is my last exam and I have been studying hard for that, rarely catching up with friends. [Mention your roommate’s name] is on a vacation with his or her family. 

[Mention the name of the place where you are staying now] is a big place. It is very different from our countryside house. The way people live and spend their life here is very different. It took me some time to adjust but eventually, I did. The people in my college are friendly and helpful, and I have bonded with them as well. I go out with them whenever I can. 

As soon as I am done with my exams, I will be there with you and dad. I have plans to live with you guys for a long time this [mention the name of the season]. I have got something for both of you and I am missing you guys as well as [mention the name of your hometown] very much. I miss your [mention your favorite mom’s home-cooked dish]. I can’t wait to be there and have it.

Love you, 

Take care

[Mention your name]

letter to mom

Template: 2

Letter to My Mother

Dear mom,

I will start the letter by saying sorry that I couldn’t write to you for such a long time. I had been caught up in my work. You know how life is here in [mention the name of the place]. I hardly had time to breathe. There is so much to take care of every single day that the day passes within the blink of an eye.

You know, after college ended, I had to search for a job, and pretty soon I got one. Joining here in [mention the name of the corporation] which is one of the most reputable companies of [mention the name of the place where you are staying right now] on [mention the year] I couldn’t believe that I will be handling the post of a [mention the name of the designation].

My boss, [mention his or her name] gives me a hard time, and I have to meet the deadlines. I admire him or her for what he or she does but then I hate him or her as well.

All thanks to him or her, these days I have been pulling an ‘’all-nighter’’. I am hardly able to sleep, always on my toes, you can say. Pretty soon there is a major event coming, and I have been given responsibilities for that as well.

In fact, the success of that project is going to depend on my work, [mention your senior’s name] said. So yeah, I have been working harder. You know I have big dreams and I am doing my level best to reach my goals.

I miss you and dad so much that I can’t even express that in words. I will soon be there as soon as I get some time.

Love you,

Take care

[Mention your name]

letter to my mother

Template: 3

Letter to My Mom at Her Funeral

Dear mom,

I can’t believe you are not here with me anymore. I am too broken to write this letter to you but I need to, since I miss you so much, since I want to tell you how much I loved you. I know I hadn’t been a great son or daughter to you, I know I couldn’t fulfill all of your wishes but I truly loved you. I couldn’t express my emotions well when you were here with me. 

There were times when I talked back, argued, fought but you know, deep down I regretted those actions and now I regret them even more, considering you will never be with me here again, you will never pull my ears or care for me or forgive me without me saying sorry to you. I miss you so much mom, it’s tough for me to take care of dad without you here with us but I know I have to.

You would have wanted that as well and I promise I will be a good son or daughter from now on. I promise you that I will do everything that will make you proud. Till now I have been living a carefree, reckless life but not anymore.

I know you are watching us from somewhere and I know you will forever be there inside me, in my heart. I want you to go in peace. I wish you leave in peace for your heavenly abode.

We are going to miss you and don’t worry about me I am not going to cry anymore. I will be a strong man or woman.

Always love you,

Yours [mention a nickname that your mother gave you]

letter to my mom at her funeral

Template: 4

Letter to My Mom

Dear mom,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all that you did for me to date. I know these two words aren’t enough to express my gratitude towards you, for the sacrifices and compromises you made for me, and I can never repay you enough by doing anything but I promise you that I will make you proud of me someday.

You might be thinking, ‘’why thank you today all of a sudden’’, but looking back to [mention the number of years], I realized that I have never said or done enough for you, never thanked you for your support and immense faith in me which gave me a platform to do something for you and dad, to be successful. In fact, to be honest with you, I have always taken you for granted and I am truly ashamed of that.

In school when I [mention an incident from which your mother saved you] you never asked me any questions, you just trusted me, even when dad was annoyed back in my college days for picking [mention the course] you still supported me, showing faith in me and my decision, and when I broke up with [mention a girl’s name], you never questioned me or poked me for details. [Remember these are all examples, you can frame this part based on your own experiences]

I have always been an ungrateful son or daughter, concentrating on my life and for that, I am sorry mom, but I truly love you for the support, faith, and life lessons that you gave me. You are my role model and I will always look up to you.

I am thankful to God that He gave me an opportunity to be born as a son or daughter to you.

Always love you,

Yours [mention a nickname that your mother gave you]

letter to my mom

Template: 5

Short Letter for Mother

Dear mom,

How are you doing? Is everything going okay back at home? I know you have been worried about me ever since I got married to [mention the name of your spouse]. I am doing great here at [mention the name of the place].

We have been spending a good time managing and looking after our home. Yes, you heard that right. I do all that for which once you used to nag (laughs). However, we share all our responsibilities and have divided household chores, some of them are managed by me and the others are looked after by [mention the name of your spouse].

Next month, [mention the name of your spouse] will go to [mention the name of the location]. There is this business meeting with the famous [mention the name of a well-known person], while I will be looking after my [mention the name of your business]. I have left my job and have started a small business of [mention it in detail]. [Mention the name of your spouse] told me to give it a try since I keep a deep interest in it. Though I was skeptical initially, now I think I can do it and this business is financially more fruitful than my petty job.

I can’t tell you how happy and contented in my life I am right now and I feel that I have taken the best decision of my life when I married [mention the name of your spouse]. I will keep on writing to you from time to time.

Love you and miss you guys a lot,

Take care

Yours [mention your nickname]

short letter for mother

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